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Bay Beach Capacity Status Updates

To ensure room for physical distancing, beach staff is only allowing 2,000 (max.) Resident Season Pass holders on Bay Beach per day. Prior to heading to the beach, resident season pass holders are encouraged to check the capacity status updates (see below) to avoid disappointment and overcrowding. The following information is updated in real-time and without notice.

Additional information about Bay Beach:

2020 Final Tax Bills

2020 Final Tax Bills will be mailed out on Friday, July 10th with installment due dates of July 31st and October 30th

2020 Interim Taxes

2020 Interim taxes (mailed February 7th with installment due dates of February 28th and April 30th) not paid by June 30th will be charged penalties effective July 2nd.

This day in our history
Provided by the Fort Erie Museum

1813 - Cecil Bisshopp, a British Army, officer leads a raid from Fort Erie on Black Rock (Buffalo, N.Y.) The fort was stormed, batteries overrun, blockhouses, barracks, a naval yard and a large schooner were burned. Bisshopp was wounded by American gunfire and died a few days later. (The Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online; Library of Canada Archives)

1914 - Victor Vernon makes 10 flights in his Curtis F flying boat, the "Betty V" at Crystal Beach, Ontario. (125 Years of Canadian Aeronautics - A Chronology 1840-1965. Canadian Aviation Historical Society, 1983, p. 72.)

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