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    DETOUR NOTICE: Due to construction on Catharine Street, the bus route has been altered until further notice. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.


    Fort Erie Transit - General Information
    TRANSIT INFO LINE 1-833-BUS-LINE (1-833-287-5463)

    Hours of Operation
    Monday through Saturday (6:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.)

    This service operates as close to the schedule as traffic and weather conditions permit.
    Please allow yourself enough time by arriving a few minutes early at your stop when planning your trip!

    Schedule is provided here.
    Map is provided here.


    Sundays & Public Holidays: There is no service provided on Sunday and on the following holidays observed:
    New Year’s Day, Family Day, Good Friday, Victoria Day, Canada Day, Civic Holiday, Labour Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

    Please have the EXACT fare ready.
    Adults/ Seniors/Students & Children $2.50
    Discount 5 Strip of Tickets $11.25
    Discount 10 Strip of Tickets $21.00
    Monthly Passes $80.00
    (Children under 5 years old are FREE)

         Where's the Bus?
              Need to know where the bus is along the route in real time? Log on to:

               Username: erie (lowercase)
               Password: erie (lowercase)
               Database: Canar

                Zoom in to Fort Erie and click on the bus (green arrow) travelling towards you along the route.
                Real time information to plan your trip.



    Fort Erie Transit Buses Are 100% Accessible To Ensure The Safety And Comfort Of All Our Riders.
    These features include:

    •    All buses are low floor, kneeling buses equipped with ramps
    •    Braun lift at the rear of the bus (curbside)
    •    Two forward-facing wheelchair positions with Q-Straint tie downs to secure mobility aids and provide seatbelts for the passenger
    •    Trained drivers to assist passengers, to secure & store mobility aids and to assist you in boarding/de-boarding the bus
    •    Slip-resistant flooring
    •    Both audio and visual preboarding and onboard announcements of routes and stops (Effective October 2, 2017)
    •    Colour contrasted passenger grab handles and steps
    •    Courtesy and Priority seating onboard
    •    Certified guide dogs and service animals are welcome aboard.


    FETransit SERVICE INFORMATION - Effective October 2, 2017

    NEW Service HOURS: Monday through Saturday (6:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.)

    Effective October 2, 2017




    Route Validity

    Trip Validity

    Single Trip Cash

    Children under 5 and Students with valid U-Passes - FREE


    $3.00 @ Sept 1, ’18


    Note 1,
    Note 3

    All Routes

    Single Trip

    Printed Transfer


    Printed Barcode on Ticket

    Note 1

    Note 1

    75-minues from time of issuance

    Printed Day Pass


    $6.00 @ Sept 1, ‘18

    Printed Barcode on Ticket


    All Routes

    Unlimited Calendar Day

    30-Day Pass


    $90.00 @ Sept 1, ‘18

    Smart Card


    All Routes

    Unlimited 30-days from Date of First Use

    E-Purse Trip 1


    $3.00 @ Sept 1, ‘18

    Smart Card

    Note 2,
    Note 3

    All Routes

    Single Trip

    E-Purse Trip 2


    $3.00 @ Sept 1, ‘18

    Smart Card

    Note 2,
    Note 3

    All Routes

    Single Trip

    E-Purse Trip 3+


    $0.00 @ Sept 1, ‘18

    Smart Card

    Note 2

    All Routes

    Single Trip

    Note 1: Barcode printed transfer issued by driver, valid for 75-minutes from issuance.  Transfer issued on North route valid on East & West Routes.  Transfer issued on East / West routes valid on North route. 

    Note 2: E-Purse validation rules:  First and second trip of calendar day at standard E-Purse fare.  Third trip and plus in same calendar day at $0.00 to be the same as purchasing a Day Pass. 

    Note 3: Request a printed transfer from your driver.

    Smart Cards / Passes will be available by Cash, Debit or Credit Card from your Driver.


    NEW ROUTES (Maps & Timetables)

    BUS 1 - East Inbound RT#11 turning into West Outbound RT#20

    Bus 1 - Monday to Friday Timetable

    Bus 1 - Saturday Timetable

    Route 11 MAP

    Route 20 MAP


    BUS 2 - West Inbound RT#21 turning into East Outbound RT#10

    Bus 2 - Monday to Friday Timetable

    Bus 2 - Saturday Timetable

    Route 21 MAP

    Route 10 MAP


    BUS 3 - North Outbound RT#30 and North Inbound RT#31
    (provides Inbound or Outbound service every second hour)

    Bus 3 - Monday to Friday and Saturday Timetables

    Route 30 MAP

    Route 31 MAP


    WATCH for our new mobile-friendly website at with trip planning and
    real-time maps coming SOON!


    Transit Master Plans - 2017 and Beyond

    Plans and works are underway to expand Fort Erie Transit effective October 2, 2017. For more preliminary information, access our FET Master Plan Phase 1 and 2 Report here

    For preliminiary mapping of our new routes (subject to change) and information about on-street amenities coming to a corner near you, please access our Phase 3 Report here


    Fort 2 Falls Link Bus - General Information
    INFO LINE 905-356-1179

    The Town of Fort Erie provides public transit to and from Niagara Falls and beyond. This service makes connections with Niagara Transit's buses within Niagara Falls for no extra charge to Fort Erie passengers and onto Regional NRT buses travelling into the Niagara region. Regular fares for a one-way trip and into Niagara Falls is $3.50. Transfers onto a Regional bus going beyond Niagara Falls requires a pre-paid fare of $6.00.

    Students can access links to both campuses of Niagara College and to Brock University throughout the post-secondary terms with their U-Passes on intermunicipal buses ONLY. Fort Erie's regular town transit buses charge a separate fare. Effective October 2, 2017 all students with a valid U-Pass can ride the Fort Erie Transit for FREE!


    ALERT! All connections to and from Niagara Falls will continue to be made at the Fort Erie Walmart (September 5th to 30th, 2017) and will be made at the new HUB at the Municipal Centre - Bus Stop #1 starting October 2, 2017.


    September 2017 to April 2018 NRT Route Schedule


    Go to for more information on summer connections and routes. For connections to St. Catharines, please go to Niagara Falls to St Catharines  to get more information.

    Google it for your trip planning!

    Go online to Click "Get Directions" and choose the *By Public Transit* icon above where your start point address is to be entered. Enter your start point and your destination and click "Get Directions". Not only will we tell you how to get there but when you can plan your trip and how long it will take to reach your destination.


    FAST SERVICE - General Information
    INFO LINE 905-871-4655

    Providing Transportation for Seniors and Persons with disabilities within Fort Erie - Monday through Saturday (6:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m).

    Please note: Hours will be changing effective September 5, 2017  to expand to Monday through Saturday (6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.).

    Specialized curb-to-curb transportation within the municipal boundaries of Fort Erie is available to those persons that meet the Eligibility Criteria. This service is designed for eligible Fort Erie residents who need to travel within Town for medical appointments, access to education or employment. Trips for other purposes are provided subject to availability on a first come, first serve basis. Fare for a FAST trip is $2.50 per booking ($2.75 per booking after October 2, 2017). Discount ticket books are available.

    Information on FAST Service


    To become a registered rider please fill out an application for service as provided by the link below or for more information on eligibility and booking for service please call:
    (905) 871- 4655

    Niagara Specialized Transit - Transit for Persons with Disabilities outside of Fort Erie
    For more information please call 905-680-2052 visit the website at:

    Please feel free to contact the Infrastructure Services Department at (905) 871-1600 Ext. 2401 with any questions or concerns about the provision of public transit in Fort Erie.


    Transit Advisory Committee (By-law No. 143-2016)

    The Transit Advisory Committee (TAC) will work to meet the Town of Fort Erie’s approved Transit Route, Bus Stop & Facility Improvements Plan vision and mission statements:


    Vision: “Fort Erie Transit will provide a local and affordable public transportation system that is supported by residents and the business community.”


    Mission: “To provide safe, efficient and environmentally friendly public transportation services that support the economic vitality, growth, environmental sustainability, and health of the community.”