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This day in our history
Provided by the Fort Erie Museum

1795 - People in the Home District (including Bertie Township) possessing tickets or certificates of occupation as evidence of land grant claims are given a 6 month deadline to deposit them with the Attorney General in Niagara to receive patents and therefore ownership of their land. (Welland County Historical Society, Papers and Records, Vol. 5, Louis Blake Duff, ed., Welland, Ont.: Welland County Historical Society, 1938, p. 34 and Eva Elliott Tolan, Reminders of the Past - Bertie's Early Settlers)

1812 - General Brock returns to Historic Fort Erie from Detroit in triumph after capturing General Hull and the whole 4th U.S. infantry as prisoners. (The History of the County of Welland, Belleville, Ont.: Mika Silk Screening Ltd., 1972, p. 248)

1983 - Fort Erie Race Track marks a wagering record - $1,914,722 on one day. (FEHM Files, Fort Erie Racetrack)

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