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2017 Hearing Schedule

Below is a listing of applications scheduled to be considered at a public hearing of the Committee of Adjustment.


Public hearings are scheduled to consider the following Consent Applications. Please click on a link below for further information. All hearings commence at 6:00 PM in the Town Hall Council Chambers.

The next Consent Application hearing will take place on Thursday, October 19, 2017.

B38-17  161 Nicolas Road - NOTICE

B39-17  9 and 11 Dunlop Street - NOTICE

B40-17  603 Ridge Road - NOTICE

B41-17, B42-17 and B43-17  276 Bernard Avenue - NOTICE


The Committee of Adjustment has the responsibility of making Decisions on Severance Applications and Minor Variance applications by considering the possibility of allowing some variation, some flexibility and some relief from the application of existing planning policies and controls, while also ensuring that any relief provided does not undermine or violate the original purposes of the planning policies and controls which have been put into place.


The function of the Committee of Adjustment is to review the application, staff and agency comments on applicable planning policies and regulations, information provided by the applicant, as well as the input of any neighbours. As part of their review of this information, the Committee must satisfy themselves that the consent constitutes good planning for the proper and orderly development of the municipality.

For this reason, it is not possible for any one person or agency to tell an applicant in advance if their application will be approved. The Committee does however, strongly encourage preconsultation with some of these agencies in advance of making a formal submission to determine some of the requirements.



Cara Raich

Secretary/Treasurer to Committee of Adjustment
Tel: 905.871.1600 ext. 2508