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The Development Approvals division is part of Planning and Development Services and is responsible for the approval of Plans of Subdivisions, Plans of Condominiums, Site Plans, Official Plan Amendments, Zoning By-law Amendments, Deeming By-laws, Part Lot Control By-laws, Minor Variances, Consents, Zoning Compliance Letters, and Municipal Land Sales as well as overseeing the clearance and coordination of conditions of development.

Proper planning assures and facilitates orderly development and the designation of appropriate areas for housing, shops, parks, public facilities, industry and a supporting system of roads, water mains and sewers. Good planning also takes into consideration the need to protect our cultural and natural heritage. Since planning affects the life for all residents within Fort Erie in some way, it is important to remain informed and to participate when possible in the planning proce


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Development in Fort Erie Development Incentive Programs

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Consent and Severance

Consent and Severance

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American Planning Association

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