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Please click the links below for plans for the (yet to be named) Public Elementary School


The District School Board of Niagara (DSBN) Accommodation Review process for the Elementary Schools of Ridgeway, Bertie and Crystal Beach started in October 2013 and finished in June 2014. Upon completion it was decided to close the 3 elementary schools and ultimately build a new school at 143 Ridge Road, being the location of the existing Ridgeway Public School.


Below is the site plan and elevations received from DSBN for the new school.


The site plan process will ensure commemorative features contemplated and discussed are reflected in the newly built school, namely:


  • Relocation of the Cenotaph commemorating WW1;
  • Relocation of the date stones in the masonry work;
  • Relocation of the stone entranceway material for use in the entranceways of the new build
  • Relocation of the Dorothy Gage playground;
  • The school would be finished in brick;
  • The window design is sensitive to the time period;
  • Incorporating elements from the other two schools in to the lobby (ex. Bertie Elementary School bell;
  • Incorporation of a clock tower in the design; and
  • A historical display with emphasis on the clock tower in the library area of the new school.


Site Plan and Demolition Plan 

Landscaping Plans

Site Engineering Drawings

Building Elevations