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The Ontario Municipal Board is an independent administrative tribunal responsible for hearing appeals and deciding on a variety of contentious municipal matters. Its main role in community planning is to hold public hearings on:
  • land use planning applications, such as subdivisions, land severances and minor variances
  • planning documents and applications, such as official plans and zoning by-laws.

The Ontario Municipal Board is similar to a court of law, but with less formality. Board members are appointed by the Ontario Cabinet and include lawyers, accountants, architects, planners and public administrators. The Ontario Municipal Board operates under the Ontario Municipal Board Act, as well as its own rules of practice and procedure. It reports administratively to the Ministry of the Attorney General.


Both guides below will assist Town of Fort Erie residents in understanding the Ontario Municipal Board's rules, practices and procedures and will also provide answers to general questions concerning the functions of the Board.


For more information please contact the Ontario Municipal Board Citizen Liaison Office at 1-866-887-8820 or online at


The OMB Citizen Liaison Office is a department at the Ontario Municipal Board that is available to assist citizens with explaining the Board’s rules, practices and procedures and to answer general questions concerning the functions of the Board. The Citizen Liaison Office is also available to meet with any person at the Board’s office in Toronto. To make an appointment, please contact the Citizen Liaison Office.

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