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    Holiday Schedule
    There is no service on Sundays or New Year’s Day, Family Day, Good Friday, Victoria Day, Canada Day, Civic Holiday, Labour Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and Boxing Day


    Niagara Regional Transit Services (Fort to Falls Bus)
    Niagara Region Transit gives riders the ability to reach multiple municipalities in Niagara. Municipalities include Niagara Falls, St. Catharines, Welland; with connections to Fort Erie and Port Colbourne.

    Schedules & Maps

    Effective as of October 2, 2017
    Transit Schedule (PDF)

    Bus # Direction Service Area Route Map
    1 East-Inbound Fort Erie / Bridgeburg 11 PDF
    1 West-Outbound Ridgeway / Crystal Beach 20 PDF
    2 West-Inbound Ridgeway / Crystal Beach 21 PDF
    2 East-Outbound Fort Erie / Bridgeburg 10 PDF
    3 North-Inbound Black Creek / Stevensville 31 PDF
    3 North-Outbound Black Creek / Stevensville 30 PDF

    NOTE: All three buses arrive and depart from the Municipal Centre HUB (Bus Stop #1 at 1 Municipal Centre Drive, Fort Erie)

    NEW Transit Brochures with schedules & maps are available at:

    • ONBOARD OUR TRANSIT BUS - ask your Driver
    • Townhall
    • Leisureplex
    • Libraries (Stevensville/ Crystal Ridge/ Centennial branches)
    • Walmart
    • Sobeys
    • Beachcombers Seniors Centre
    • Douglas Heights Lions
    • Royal Canadian Legion Halls (Branches 230 & 71)
    • Black Creek Community Centre
    • YMCA
    • GFESS
    • Bridges Community Health Centre
    • Post Offices (FE/ CB/ Ridgeway/ Stevensville)
    • Job Gym/ Regional Ontario Works
    • Salvation Army
    • Medical Building @ 238 Bertie Street
    • Fort Erie Native Friendship Centre
    • Albany Manor
    • Farr Ave Ridgeway Lions Manor
    • Black Creek Leisure Homes
    • AVONmarts and AVONdales & Local Marts:
      • Gilmore Rd @ Central Ave
      • Garrison Rd @ Crescent Rd
      • Dominion Rd @ Ridge Rd
      • Dominion Rd @ Gorham Rd
      • Netherby Rd @ Stevensville / Sodom Rds
      • Crescent Rd @ Lakeview Rd
      • Roxborough Ave @ Ridgeway Rd

    Where's my Bus? How do I plan a trip?

    Need to know where the bus is along the route in real time? Log on to

    Use our "Where's My Bus" tab. Zoom in and click on the bus travelling towards you along the route or on your Bus Stop for the estimated time of arrival of your next bus.

    Need to plan your trips? Log on to our website link above for Fort Erie Transit and "Plan A Trip" with our Google Trip Planner. Enter your start point and your destination, choose the "Transit" icon and click "Get Directions". Not only will we tell you how to get there but when you can plan your trip and how long it will take to reach your destination.You'll be given a number of options and times possibly including connections to help you pick your best trip. If you need to look further into the schedules by route you can use the "Schedule Explorer" in the trip planner to look ahead by times/ days or weeks in advance.


    FET Fares
    FET offers the convenience of paying with cash, debit or credit.
    Cash is accepted to purchase a single ride or a day pass (day passes can be printed for you by the driver). Passes can be purchased onboard the bus by your driver (exact cash required).

    Children under 5 years & post-secondary students with a valid Brock University U-PASS or Niagara College Student ID (with transit sticker) are free.


    Adults/Seniors/Students/Children $2.75
    Day Pass $5.50
    30-Day Pass - Smart Card $85.00
    E-Purse - Smart Card $5.00 / $10.00 or $20.00

    Fort to Falls Bus
    The Town of Fort Erie provides public transit to and from Niagara Falls and beyond. This service makes connections with Niagara Transit's buses within Niagara Falls for no extra charge to Fort Erie passengers and onto Regional NRT buses travelling into the Niagara region. Regular fares for a one-way trip and into Niagara Falls is $3.50. Transfers onto a Regional bus going beyond Niagara Falls requires a pre-paid fare of $6.00.

    Students can access links to both campuses of Niagara College and to Brock University throughout the post-secondary terms with their U-Passes on intermunicipal buses ONLY. Fort Erie's regular town transit buses charge a separate fare.Effective October 2, 2017 all students with a valid U-Pass can ride the Fort Erie Transit for FREE!
    ALERT! All connections to and from Niagara Falls will continue to be made at the Municipal Centre - Bus Stop #1 starting October 2, 2017.

    Fort 2 Falls INFO LINE 905-356-1179


    About FAST
    Fort Erie Accessible Specialized Transit (FAST) is curb-to-curb transportation service provided only within Fort Erie for people who, due to a mobility challenge, would be physically unable to board our conventional transit bus, or walk a distance of 175 meters (600 feet).

    This service is designed for those who need to travel within Town for medical appointments or to have access to education / employment. Trips for other purposes are provided, if available, on a first come, first serve basis.

    FAST is available Monday to Saturday between 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. There is no service on Sundays or Statutory Holidays.

    Fares Cost
    Single Ride Ticket $2.75
    Discount Ticket Book (10 tickets) $22.00

    Apply for FAST
    Are you unable to board a conventional transit bus or walk a distance of 175 meters (600 feet)? If so, you may be eligible to catch a ride with FAST. To become a registered rider, please fill out an application and have it signed by a licensed health professional. For more information on eligibility and booking for service, please call 905-871-4655.

    FAST Application Form (PDF)

    How to Book a Trip
    All registered FAST riders can book a trip by calling 905-871-4655. A rider may be accompanied by a companion, personal care attendant and/or service animal.

    Helpful tips to help you book your trip with FAST:

    • Schedule your trip earlier or later in the day
    • Plan your trip on a Saturday rather than on a weekday
    • Book your trip further in advance

    Region of Niagara - Niagara Specialized Transit
    Niagara Specialized Transit (NST) provides transportation from one municipality to another municipality to eligible riders. If your trip is outside the municipal boundaries of Fort Erie, you would contact NST regarding their service and application process.

    Trips can be for:

    • Medical appointments
    • Employment
    • Education purposes

    Trips for purposes other than medical, employment, or education may be permitted, subject to the capacity of the service.

    A rider may be accompanied by a companion, personal care attendant and/or service animal.

    Bookings must be done two business days prior to your trip.


    Fort Erie Transit buses are 100% accessible to ensure the safety and comfort of all our riders. These features include:

    • All buses are low floor, kneeling buses equipped with ramps
    • Two forward-facing wheelchair positions with Q-Straint tie downs to secure mobility aids and provide seatbelts for the passenger
    • Trained drivers to assist passengers, to secure & store mobility aids and to assist you in boarding/de-boarding the bus
    • Slip-resistant flooring
    • Both audio and visual preboarding and onboard announcements of routes and stops
    • Colour contrasted passenger grab handles and steps
    • Courtesy and Priority seating onboard
    • Certified guide dogs and service animals are welcome aboard.

    All transit information is available in accessible formats upon request by calling 905-871-1600, ext. 2401.

    Bike Racks
    Biking across the Town? No problem. Get further by adding a bus ride to your bike trip and take advantage of our convenient bike racks. They are simple to use and are affixed to our fleet weather permitting. To learn more about the many trails and variety of cycling infrastructure available across the Town, view information on the Town’s Parks, Trails & Open Spaces ( web page.

    Please note

    • Bike racks are available on a first come, first served basis.
    • There is no additional charge for using the bike rack.
    • Motorized bikes are not permitted on bike racks.
    • Bike trailers are not permitted on bike racks.
    • FET and its operators are not responsible or liable whatsoever for loss or damage caused by or to bicycles, however caused.

    Lost & Found
    If you've lost or found an item on FET, please email or call 1-833-BUS-LINE (1-833-287-5463). If you're trying to locate a lost item please include the date, approximate time of travel and the route you travelled on.

    All items are held for a period of 30 days. Any item left unclaimed for longer than 30 days will be donated to a local charity.

    Priority & Courtesy Seating
    FET provides Priority and Courtesy seating, located close to the front of the bus, for riders with disabilities or mobility challenges. Customers are expected to respect and obey the purpose of the designated seating areas.

    Priority Seating
    Priority seating is for the use of passengers with a disability. Riders sitting in one of the designated seats must vacate the seat for a passenger with a disability, with the following exceptions…

    • A person with a disability occupying a Priority seat is not required to move for another customer with a disability. Use of these seats is on a first come, first served basis.
    • A person is not required or expected to leave a transit vehicle in order to make room for a customer with a disability.

    Courtesy Seating
    Courtesy seating is intended to provide additional seating for people who will benefit from having a seat near the front of the vehicle such as seniors, expectant mothers, adults travelling infants or small children, etc.

    NOTE: Drivers/operators will not enforce this requirement or intervene in any dispute related to Priority or Courtesy Seating. We ask, however, that you respect this designated seating area and show consideration for those whose need is greater than your own.


    About FET
    Fort Erie Transit is administrated by the Corporation of the Town of Fort Erie. Our Operator is Tokmakjian Inc. bda Can-Ar Coach. Can-Ar Coach has been providing transit in Fort Erie since 2012.


    • DETOUR NOTICE: Due to construction on Catharine Street, the bus route has been altered until further notice.

    Contact Us
    Fort Erie Transit (FET)
    Hours: Monday to Saturday (6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.)
    Phone: 1-833-BUS-LINE (1-833-287-5463)

    Niagara Region Transit
    Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
    Phone: 905-980-6000, ext. 3550

    Transit Advisory Committee
    The Transit Advisory Committee will work to meet the Town of Fort Erie’s approved Transit Route, Bus Stop & Facility Improvements Plan vision and mission statements:
    Vision: “Fort Erie Transit will provide a local and affordable public transportation system that is supported by residents and the business community.”
    Mission: “To provide safe, efficient and environmentally friendly public transportation services that support the economic vitality, growth, environmental sustainability, and health of the community.”
    The Committee meets bi-monthly or at the call of the Chair. Like all advisory bodies for the Town of Fort Erie, if a member of the public wishes to speak on transit matters to the Committee at a regular meeting, they may register as a delegation by calling 905-871-1600 Ext. 2401.