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Common Home and Property FAQ

1. What day is my garbage collected?

  • To find out what day your garbage is collected in the Town of Fort Erie,  Click Here.
  • Garbage should be out at your curb for 7 a.m. SHARP. Please note that the Region of Niagara now collects garbage every other week, with recycled material collected weekly.

2. What do I do if I have a large household item and/or appliance that I need to have picked up?

  • Call Miller Waste - Large Item Pick Up at least 2 working days before your regular garbage day to arrange collection for: box springs, mattresses, couches, televisions, furniture, and appliances, etc. You can call for pick up at 1-833-621-0726 or schedule the pick-up online through Niagara Region's website Click Here   
  • Appliances and metal household items are no longer collected at the curb. These items can be taken to a Niagara Region Drop-off Depot or you can contact a private scrap metal company for pick-up.  
  • If you have more than the accepted amount of bags for garbage day, bag tags are available for $2.50 each at outlets across the Niagara Region. To find out where to purchase them, Click Here

3. I just bought a new house, do I have to pay for the blue boxes?


New homeowners are entitled to obtain one free Blue Box, Grey Box, Kitchen Catcher and Green Bin if they do not have them already. To pick up free containers:

- Visit the Bridge Street Landfill (at the customer service trailer) within six months of taking possession of your house.

- Bring documentation that clearly identifies the homeowner's name and reflects the date of home purchase or possession, such as the transfer deed's registration number, or real estate papers.

- Free containers are not  available to tenants/renters.

For more information please contact the Region's Waste Management Hot line at (905) 356 - 4141.


4. I have hazardous waste that I want to get rid of, when can I?

The Niagara Region has set dates and places where household hazardous waste can be dropped off. For a complete listing of dates and the type of material that is collected Click Here

5. What do I do if I have a bunch of tree branches or a Christmas tree I want to get rid of?

  • Your tree branches will only be collected on dates advertised by the Region.
  • Branches must be tied in bundles. Individual branches inside the bundle must not exceed 7cm (2.8inch) in diameter.
  • The maximum weight of bundle is 22.7kg (50 lbs)
  • The maximum size of bundle is 1.5m (5ft.) in length and 0.5m (1.6ft) in diameter
  • Christmas trees wrapped in plastic or buried in snow will not be collected
  • Branches and Christmas trees must be at the curb by 7 a.m. sharp the designated collection day.

6. I have a lot of water in my backyard and/or my property is lower than my neighbor's.

Please call (905) 871-1600 to speak to a Customer Service Agent. Your Agent will complete a form requesting investigation into your concern. Once this is complete, your form will be sent to the appropriate department for inspection. Staff will contact you with any outcome or suggestions to alleviate flooding on your property.

7. I just bought a new house and I want to know if it has sewers and/or water.

Call the Town of Fort Erie (905) 871-1600 ext. 2404 and we will see what your home location has to offer.
For further information, contact our Senior Technician, ext. 2409.


If you are a real estate agent trying to find this information, you will need to fill in a service information request form. These can be filled out online on-line and brought to Town Hall or faxed to (905) 871-6411.

If you would like to have a water or sewer service installed by either a private contractor or the Town, fill out one of the following forms and return to Town Hall.

  • For Services Installed by Town Form: Click Here
  • For Services Installed by a Private Contractor: Click Here

8. I have spray paint around my property, what does the colour mean?

White – proposed excavation
Pink – temporary survey markings
Red – electric power lines, cables, conduit and lighting cables
Yellow – gas, oil, petroleum and gaseous materials
Orange – telephone, cable TV, communication, alarm and signal lines
Blue – potable water
Green – sanitary sewers, storm sewers and drain lines
Purple – reclaimed water, irrigation and slurry lines

For further information, contact Town of Fort Erie, (905) 871-1600


9. If my sewer pipes are broken at the front of my property, who is responsible and are there any grants or financial assistance?

You should call the Town, (905) 871-1600 ext. 2404, and a Customer Relationship Management form will be filled out regarding your issue. This will be followed by an inspector visiting your property. In the case that the break is not on Town property, you will be required to get two estimates from two different plumbers for the work. The estimates will be given to  the Manager of Water & Wastewater Services who makes the decision on which contractor to use (generally the lowest estimate but not always).

Once the job is finished, the Town will send another inspector to see if the job was done correctly and if so, you will be reimbursed for the specified amounts outlined within the By-law.

For more information, there are Information Packages at our brochures counter in the Engineering Department at Town Hall.

10. Who do I call if my sidewalk needs repair?

Contact the Engineering Division at (905) 871-1600 to arrange an on site inspection.

11. What do I do if my basement is flooded?

In an event that your basement is flooded, call the Works Clerk/Storekeeper, (905) 871-1600 ext. 2466 and they will send an inspector to your home to look at the problem. If it is a problem with the Sewers, contact the Manager of Water & Wastewater (905) 871-1600 ext. 2463.

12. What do I do if there is a burnt out street light?

If there is a burnt out street light in your area, call our Engineering Division at (905) 871-1600 Ext. 2404
to report the address and/or location of the light.

13. How do I report illegal  dumping?

Illegal Dumping is the disposing of waste in non-designated areas, such as rural areas, vacant lots and along the roadside. The Town of Fort Erie has partnered with the Regional Municipality of Niagara to stop illegal dumping. Click here for more information.