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November 26, 2014: CMS corporate office open in Fort Erie: Click here for full media release

June 9, 2014: Read the Canadian Motor Speedway Update Report (CDS-53-2014) that went to Council-in-Committee

December 1, 2013: Amended Environmental Impact Study was submitted

October 8 2013: Work on Miller Creek begins: Read more here

September 13, 2013: Stage 4, Phase 1 Archeological Mitigation Pre-contact Site AFGR-57

July 30, 2013: Stage 3 Archeological Resources Assessment of Pre-contact Site AFGR-57

June 19, 2013: Stage 2 Archeological Assessment of Miller Creek Location

June 6, 2013: OMB Waves Green Flag for CMS: Read more here and OMB Decision Document

November 5, 2012: Media Release - OMB Hearing decision on the Canadian Motor Speedway

November 2, 2012: OMB Decision - Full OMB Decision Document


In 2009 a proposal to build a world-class auto racing facility, called the Canadian Motor Speedway, was submitted to the Town of Fort Erie.

The Canadian Motor Speedway is a proposed $150 million racetrack development situated on 332 hectares (820 acres) of land strategically located in central Fort Erie and adjacent to the QEW, one of Canada’s most heavily traveled highways. The proposal includes recreational, commercial, industrial and educational uses that have the potential to expand the development investment to $400 million.

Render - Bird's Eye View of Track

Located in the Niagara Region and bordering the United States, Fort Erie is a natural choice for a racing proposal of this caliber, a Town with 115 years of racing tradition. Since 1897, Fort Erie has been home to one of North America’s most picturesque thoroughbred racetracks, providing horseracing enthusiasts with life long memories and excitement through its annual events such as the Prince of Wales Stakes.

The Niagara Region, a major North American gateway, is a premier Canadian tourist destination surrounded by a market area of 140 million people within an 8-hour drive. The region currently draws millions of visitors each year to its historical points of interest, entertainment attractions and natural wonders, including the famed Niagara Falls, located within a 10 minute drive from the proposed speedway site.

Render - Infield

Render - Stands and Display Areas

The Proposal:

The Town of Fort Erie received an application in 2009 from Urban & Environmental Management Inc. on behalf of 1746391 Ontario Inc. to amend the Regional Municipality of Niagara’s Regional Policy Plan, the Town of Fort Erie Official Plan and the Towns Zoning By-law 129-90 to permit a motor speedway facility and accessory uses on 332 hectares.

The Canadian Motor Speedway Complex Proposal Approved by the Ontario Municipal Board Includes:

  • a 3/4 mile paved motor speedway oval and spectator grandstand (65,000 seating capacity with seating expansion area of 25,000 to 35,000) with support facilities in the infield such as truck and RV parking, garages, first aid stations, fuel handling area, media centre, fan walk, maintenance and emergency command centre
  • a 2 mile paved motor speedway road course with support facilities such as garages, concessions, merchandising, registration/meeting room, offices and public washrooms
  • a motocross/BMX/snowmobile/rental kart centre speedway course locating within the road course area
  • 6967 sq.m (75,000 sq.ft) ancillary commercial component supporting the Speedway
  • a parking and camping area on 71 hectares (175 acres) of land along the southwest corner of Gilmore and Laur Road
  • a parking and camping area on 62 hectares (152 acres) of land south of Bowen Road and west of Laur Road
  • a 27 hectare (66 acre) "Innovation and Business Park" which would include a variety of motor sports-oriented businesses such as offices for track management, control tower, race support repair shops, driving schools and driving experience, training and educational facilities related to research and technology including testing facilities for racing teams and manufacturers
  • approximately 69 hectares (170 acres) to be maintained for the enhancement of natural features identified within the constraint areas
  • 20.7 hectares (51.3 acres) for storm water management facilities

Render - Garage Area

Ultimate List of Approvals Required:

1) Official Plan Amendment - Town of Fort Erie- Approved by the OMB June 6, 2013

2) Regional Policy Plan Amendment – Niagara Region- Approved by the OMB June 6, 2013

3) Zoning By-law Amendment - Town of Fort Erie- Approved by the OMB June 6, 2013

4) Site Plan Approval, Agreement & Holding Zone Removal - Town of Fort Erie

5) Watershed permits – Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority

6) Building permits - Town of Fort Erie

7) Road & servicing permits – Niagara Region

8) Building & land use permits – Ministry of Transportation

9) E. A.s for roads & service works – Ministry of the Environment

10) Servicing certificates – Ministry of the Environment

Render - Vendor Booths

Next Steps:

The Ontario Municipal Board Hearing regarding the Regional Policy Plan Amendment 3-2009, Official Plan Amendment OPA#3 and OPA#63 and Zoning By-law Amendment 106-10 was scheduled for a 4 week period. The hearing was held on the following weeks:
  • June 18 to June 22, 2012
  • June 25 to June 29, 2012
  • November 5 to November 9, 2012
  • November 12 to November 16, 2012
  • March 21, 2013: OMB Appeal Hearing

Key Links:

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