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Senior Citizens Advisory Committee



Senior Citizens Advisory Committee
By-law No. 158-21

The Fort Erie "Senior Citizen's Advisory Committee" (SCAC) is comprised of eighteen (18) volunteers from various parts of the Town of Fort Erie. In addition, a Town Councillor also attends meetings to assist and function as a liaison between the Committee and Council. All members are vetted by the Town and are seniors living within Fort Erie and the environs.

The goal of the SCAC is to provide and promote events to provide affordable functions for seniors such as meals, theatre, bingo/euchre parties, and other such entertainment within the boundaries of Fort Erie. Typically some (8) events are planned yearly. While these events are subsidized by the Town, the goal is to break even with the annual budget provided by the Town. As such, all income and expenses are reported annually to the Council.

Meetings are held on the first Wednesday monthly at the Fort Erie Lions Club on HighStreet. Events may occur in various locations and on days as determined and set by the Committee. The SCAC makes every effort to obtain services and supplies on a local basis to support our community.

Composition: Four (4) Community Representatives (at large), one (1) member of Council, one (1) Committee member to be nominated by each Seniors Group in the Town of Fort Erie with less than one hundred (100) members and two (2) Committee members to be nominated by each Seniors Group with more than one hundred (100) members.

Current Members:

  1. Bill Doyle (Member At Large)
  2. Fran Hill (Native Friendship Seniors)
  3. Barb Hopkins (Legion, Branch 230)
  4. Wyndmill Hoskin (Member At Large)
  5. Eleanor Hurst (96'ers)
  6. Sandra Peitsch (Harmony Hill)
  7. Graham Rignall (Member at Large)
  8. Maria Scott (Black Creek Leisure Homes Seniors Group) 
  9. Noreen Smith (Legion Branch 71)
  10. Rosalie Snyder (Member at Large)
  11. Deborah Fairlie - Dandi-Lions
  12. Brigid Browne - Beachcombers
  13. Jayne Cruikshank - Beachcombers
  14. Lida Greenaway - Beachcombers
  15. Joan Christensen - Beachcombers
  16. Vacancy - Black Creek Leisure Homes Seniors Group
  17. Vacancy - Black Creek Leisure Homes Seniors Group
  18. Vacancy - Italo Canadian Seniors Club
  19. Vacancy - Italo Canadian Seniors Club
  20. Councillor Noyes

Meeting Schedule:1st Wednesday of the month - Lions Senior Centre on High Street