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Senior Citizens Advisory Committee

Senior Citizens Advisory Committee
By-law No. 158-21

The Fort Erie "Senior Citizen's Advisory Committee" (SCAC) is comprised of eighteen (18) volunteers from various parts of the Town of Fort Erie. A Town Councillor is appointed to assist and function as a liaison between the Committee and Council. 

The mandate of the SCAC is to establish a mechanism to fairly and equitably distribute financial assistance provided by the Town of Fort Erie to "Assist the Aged," to determine the need for increased senior citizen services and to assist in the establishing mechanism to adopt recommendations. 

Meetings are held on the first Wednesday monthly at the Fort Erie Lions Club on High Street.

Composition: Four (4) Community Representatives (at large), one (1) member of Council, one (1) Committee member to be nominated by each Seniors Group in the Town of Fort Erie with less than one hundred (100) members and two (2) Committee members to be nominated by each Seniors Group with more than one hundred (100) members.

For information regarding current membership and vacancies, please get in touch with the Deputy Clerk at or ext. 2212.