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Newspaper Delivery

**Please be aware the Town of Fort Erie is NOT responsible for newspaper circulation.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the delivery of such flyers or free weekly newspapers or would like to stop their delivery, please provide details in the form below. This information will be shared with the appropriate distributor and will be copied to the Town's Customer Service Unit in order to keep track of the number of resident inquiries/requests to stop delivery. Please note that unsubscribing may take several weeks.

Please note that the Fort Erie Observer has contracted delivery service to Canada Post and is delivered with your mail. Please confirm which paper you are submitting details on before posting.

The Town is also working with Niagara This Week (Fort Erie Post) on the placement of community boxes in areas where "to the door/mailbox" delivery is not able to be accommodated. At present there is a community box located on the corner of Ferndale Avenue and Phillips Avenue. Papers can also be picked up at Garrison Mart at the corner of Garrison Road and Crescent Road as well as at the Leisureplex. There are limited supplies at each location. Boxes are only placed when there is no carrier available on a route. Further details on the location of the Niagara This Week community boxes will be provided on this page as we are notified of their placement. 

If you would like to unsubscribe from a free newspaper, please use the link below.

Unsubscribe Link -->

For any additional contact with either local papers, you can contact them directly at:

Fort Erie Post (Niagara This Week) at 1-866-838-8960 or by e-mail at

Fort Erie Observer at 905-658-4250 or by e-mail at or