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Licensing your Pet in Fort Erie

Many changes have taken place concerning licensing your pets in Fort Erie. Animal licensing is now taking place through Docupet, an online portal allowing you to license your pets from the comfort of your home. Below are a couple of easy steps to help pet owners use Docupet. Alternatively, you may purchase your pet’s license from Ruffins Pet Centre at 1117 Concession Road - now accepting credit, debit and cash! Or at Thors Healthy Pet Foods, 3840 Dominion Road, where an ipad is available for you to complete your purchase online with a credit card.

Create a profile on Docupet. Once you have completed this, there are simple steps to obtaining your pet’s license.

1.  The website will ask basic questions about your pet, such as name, breed, sex, colour and age. It is optional to add a photograph to the website of your pet. If you have more than one pet, you will select the option to add another animal. 

2. You will then add your address and contact phone number to your profile. After this step is complete, your profile is now completed and next, you will license your pet!

3. Docupet will ask for additional information about your pet, such as if they are spayed/neutered or microchipped. If you know your pet’s microchip number, you may add it to the pet license information. This will help the Lincoln County Humane Society reunite you with your pet should they become lost. 

4. Select your license! This section will show you the cost of your pet license, as well as a disclaimer you will be required to select, verifying that the information you have submitted is correct, that your pet is up to date with rabies vaccinations and that you are aware of the regulations within Town of Fort Erie’s Animal By-Law 73-2021. 

5. Tag selection, this section will allow you to choose a designer tag (at an additional cost), donate or select a standard tag. The standard tag is located on the right side of this webpage. 

6. Choose the size tag you wish to have for your pet (included with your licence). **Note, for an additional fee, you may wish to personalize the back of your tag with your pet’s name and phone number. If you do not wish to personalize your tag, unselect this option and choose which connector you would like.  

7. Confirm all your selections, choose any additional products you wish, and continue to the final step for payment. You may choose to make a donation in this section or continue to the final step. 

8. Docupet is currently accepting credit card payment through their secure system. Add your payment information and ensure your shipping address is correct. This is the final step and your pet’s tag will be sent to you by mail! 

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