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Office of the CAO

The Town of Fort Erie’s Chief Administrative Officer is Chris McQueen. He provides leadership to the Corporation as well as advice to Council to meet our strategic goals and vision.

Role of the CAO:

The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) is appointed by Council. It is the CAO's role to provide support and advice to the Mayor and Council; implement strategy; oversee the administration and management of the Corporation in accordance with the by-laws, policies and plans approved by Council to ensure the delivery of quality services and facilities; and develop and maintain key relationships on behalf of the Corporation.

The CAO is responsible to ensure that programs and services are developed and implemented to meet the ever-changing needs of the community while ensuring fiscal responsibility. The CAO is also responsible to ensure a culture of collaboration based on the five key principles of:

1) Proud to Serve - We serve Fort Erie with pride, care and excellence

2) Teamwork - We partner with other departments, volunteers, other levels of government agencies, boards and commissions to deliver services to the public.

3) Respect - We treat others how we would like to be treated, with sensitivity and respect - we listen.

4) Honesty - we are open and honest, we value trust and integrity.

5) Commitment - we are committed to the well-being of our community.

The CAO has oversight over all Town departments and Directors of each report directly to the CAO. In addition, the following departments operate directly under the CAO's office:

  • Corporate Accessibility
  • Corporate Communications
  • Community Services (consisting of the following):
    • Customer Service
    • Digital Services
    • Legislative Services
    • Museum & Cultural Services
  • ​Fire & Emergency Services

In addition to new policy and program initiatives, the CAO keeps the Mayor and Council apprised of issues and developments of an operational or political nature that relate to the interests of The Corporation.

Chris McQueen, Chief Administrative Officer

(905) 871-1600 Ex 2200


Office of the CAO Divisions:

Corporate Accessibility
Bev Bradnam
(905) 871-1600 Ex 2201


Corporate Communications
Kevin Beauchamp
(905) 871-1600 Ex 2217