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Spears Park

Spears Park is a new park that will be developed in the Spears Estates subdivision.  

The Spears High-Pointe Neighbourhood Plan identifies the need for a neighbourhood park at the corner of Meadowood and Kerby Streets, to serve the local community. Neighbourhood Parks form the foundation of the Town’s park system, providing passive and active recreational opportunities within walking/cycling distance of local residents.

At its meeting of January 8, 2021 Council approved the Spears Park Master Plan. The Park Master Plan was developed by SHIFT Landscape Architecture, following an extensive public consultation process with park stakeholders and the local community. The Master Plan will guide the park development.

The Spears Park Master Plan provides for a multi-use facility that balances the desire for active recreational amenities such as play structures and court surfaces, with more passive uses. The park design aims to provide amenities for a cross section of the community, while buffering these uses from adjacent residences. 

Construction is complete and the park is open to the public.


Spears Park Master Plan

Spears Park Master Plan Report

Report PDS-06-2021 Spears Park Master Plan


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