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For a more comprehensive list of the Town's by-laws, please click here or contact the Clerk's Department at 905.871.1600. To view the by-law, please click on the by-law's title. File size of the download is in KB (Kilobytes). Occasionally a By-law may be amended. Please check the comprehensive listing for these amendments.

Chief Administrative Officer

 Council's Strategic Plan

Legal and Legislative Services

 Accessibility By-law 2007/2008
 Accessibility By-Law 2009/2010
Fence By-law 2008-150 Consolidated
 Business Licensing - By-law 2005-217
 Business Licensing Schedules - By-law 2005-217
 Council Rules of Procedure Consolidated - By-law 2006-145
 Dog Regulation By-law
 Hunting Bylaw
Hunting Bylaw Map
Lot Maintenance By-law 2008-165 Consolidated
 Noise By-law 2009-030
 Swimming Pools By-law 2008-149 Consolidated
 Parks and Beaches By-law 119-03
 Parks and Beaches By-law 25-06 - Amendment to By-law 119-03
 Parks and Beaches By-law Amendment - Schedule "A" - 25-06 - Set Fines
 Parks and Beaches By-law Amendment - Towing Provisions
 Parks and Beaches By-law Amendment 155-04 - Closing Time
 Property Standards By-Law - 2008-186
Dangerous Dogs Regulation By-law with Schedule A
Consolidated Traffic by-law No. 1989-2000

Community and Development Services
 Fill and Site Alteration By-law No. 1996-201
 Lot Grading By-law & Policy - By-law 1992-252
 Sign By-law 1999-042
 Stormwater Management Facility Standards - By-law 2005-110
 Tree Preservation - By-law 2004-060


 False Alarm By-Law
 Open Air Burning By-Law
 Regulation By-law on Sale and Use of Fireworks - 2009-070
 Smoke Alarm By-Law


 Schedule “A” to By-law 185 –2000 as amended


 Fort Erie Museum Board - Amendment to By-law 291-88


 Management of Sewer Works and Drainage Works
 Water By-law 2004-199
 Snow Removal By-law - 2009-017