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Communities in Bloom

By-law No. 193-03

Purpose: To promote the principles of the national Committees-in-Bloom program ( as a means of encouraging community volunteerism, pride and the active participation in the ongoing development of a healthy and beautiful Fort Erie. Specifically the program encourages beautification of properties and promotes, educates, fundraise, conducts contests and a awards program.

Duties and Responsibilities: Implementation of various programs, initiatives, events, promotional and education activities that encourage community participation in the program.

Composition: 11 citizen appointees and 1 staff member and 1 Member of Council.

Meeting Schedule: Meet average every 3-4 weeks depending upon time of year, or when needed at the call of the Chair.

Other Comments: This is a very active committee that meets often and benefits from the full participation of its members. Participation will include the implementation of programs, community interaction and outreach.

Carole Audette-Boucock
Winnie Swalm
Patricia Bossert
Blake Boucock
Linda Anderson
Sharon Gill
Gabrielle Todd
Sherry Phibbs
Margaret Feaver
Paula Faulkner

Councillor Steckley

Contact Information:
Staff Liaison: Signe Hansen, Manager, Parks and Open Space Development
905-871-1600 ext. 2506