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Town Bulk Water Stations

The Town has constructed two bulk water stations:

  • In the west end, at 3720 Bertie Street (at the intersection of Stevensville Road)
  • In the east end, at 1818 Pettit Road, adjacent to the John L. Gibson Operations Centre



These stations enable private contractors to obtain municipal-quality water for delivery to rural customers, as well as for use in construction, street sweeping and landscaping operations.

The facilities were also designed with the safety of the water customers connected to the local distribution system in mind. A back-flow prevention device has been installed to ensure the safety of Fort Erie’s water customers.

Both facilities were constructed to be easy to use for local contractors and their operators. Key fobs and codes are required.

Contractors can obtain access to these stations by applying at the John L. Gibson Operations Centre, 1818 Pettit Road. After payment of an activation fee, fobs and codes will be provided. Water taken will be billed monthly at the per cubic metre rate for Water Only Commercial Users as specified in the Water and Sewer Rate Schedule.