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Garbage Collection

Garbage Collection is a function of the Regional Municipality of Niagara and is collected once every week. On your scheduled collection day, only regular household garbage placed into an acceptable garbage bag or container will be collected.

All materials (garbage, recycling, large household items, and/or leaf and yard waste) must be at the curb no later than 7:00 a.m. on your collection day.

Please note that the Region’s Waste Management Bylaw states that individuals must NOT set out waste to the curb for collection prior to 5:00 p.m. the night before your scheduled collection day.

For more information (including pick up schedule) click here

Household Hazardous Waste Depots

Paint, pesticides, batteries and household cleaners are just some of the products that are used daily. When disposing of such products, special precautions must be considered. Hazardous waste should never be thrown in the garbage, dumped on land, or poured down the drain or sewer. Careless Disposal of these items can contaminate water, food, soil and air, and is also hazardous to public health.

In order to ensure the proper disposal of these products, Household Hazardous Waste Depots have been established across Niagara.

For Household Hazardous Waste Depot Schedule click here


Bridge Street Waste & Recycling Drop Off Depot
1300 Bridge Street Fort Erie

The Operation of Landfills is a Region of Niagara responsibility.

To help make your trip to the landfill more convenient and safer for you and the landfill staff, follow these simple tips:

Secure your load. All loads must be secure when entering all landfill sites.

Always drive over and stop on scales, even when picking up compost or reusable items, and wait for the green light.

When dropping of materials at the Regional landfill sites, you can pay by cash, Interac, Visa or Mastercard.

For more information on Landfills please visit the
Region of Niagara Landfill page



The collection of organic material is a function of the Regional Municipality of Niagara. Approximately one-third of your household waste is made up of organic material, including kitchen scraps, leaves and yard trimmings (grass clippings NOT accepted). By participating in Niagara Region’s Green Bin (organic collection) and leaf and yard waste collection program, you are reducing the amount of waste being landfilled.

By using your Green Bin and placing your leaf and yard waste to the curb, you are turning waste into a resource. The organic material is turned into valuable compost that can be used on lawn and gardens.

The following information is provided for Fort Erie residents regarding a new curbside collection service of Organics and the purchase of a green ORGANICS curbside container. Information regarding the revised recyclables pick-up schedule is also provided below.

For further information on Organic waste pick-up program, branch collection, leaf and yard waste, backyard composting, container distribution centres and smart gardening, please visit the Region of Niagara's website - Click Here