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Commonly Referenced By-Laws

Property Standards By-Law 186-08

This By-law deals with:

The maintenance of both land and buildings within the Town of Fort Erie. In addition to dealing with garbage and debris the by-law also regulates the condition of buildings, such as structural soundness, heat water, lighting, windows, doors walls, stairs, guardrails, plumbing walls, ceilings and floors. If you believe that your concern may fall into one of these categories it is suggested you contact Town Hall and speak to staff directly.   

   The Niagara Renovates Program is a program for low-and modest-income households   in Niagara that funds affordable housing repairs  for homeowners and housing   modifications for persons with disabilities. Examples of eligible repairs include structural   (including  building exterior such as roofs, foundations or walls), plumbing, fire safety,                              electrical and/or heating. For general information or to obtain an application for the                                Niagara Regional Housing Niagara Renovates Program- Homeowner Contact:                                          905-682-9201 ext. 3917


Lot Maintenance By-Law 92-2019

This By-law deals with:


  • Inoperable vehicles, including motor vehicle, trailer boat, motorized snowmobile, any mechanical equipment designed to be drawn, propelled or driven by any type of power including muscular power.
  • garbage, debris, refuse wrecked including machinery, dismantled things, things exposed to the elements, broken concrete, brick stone waste lumber, indoor furniture, household appliances, furnaces, fuel tanks, wiring sewage, ashes any article that has been cast aside or abandoned.

The By-law requires that every person shall keep their property free of refuse. No person shall dump refuse onto another person’s property. Every person shall ensure that public highway, sidewalk boulevard and back lane around their property is kept free of refuse.

Refuse defined by the By-law does not cease to be refuse by reason that it may be commercially saleable or recyclable.

Standing Water

Standing water is not permitted on property unless it is any of the following:

  • moving body of water (e.g., stream).
  • maintained swimming pool.
  • body of water natural to its environment (e.g., pond, bog, marsh).


Every owner has to keep their property free of graffiti.

Vegetation on Property

Grass can only be grown to a maximum height of 20 cm (6 inches) including the boulevard, alongside or at the rear of the property.

Weeds must be controlled by cutting or removing the plants, turning the soil, or in the case of poison ivy treatment with a herbicide as long as it does not contravene any other law in Ontario.

Owners are required to keep their properties free from:

  • dead decayed or damaged trees or other natural growth or the branches thereof which create an unsafe condition.
  • insects rodents vermin and any other pests

Trees and other natural growth

  • Every owner shall keep their property clean and free from:
  • Dead decayed or damaged trees or natural growth including branches or limbs which create an unsafe condition.

Trees shrubs on property are not allowed to interfere with:

Town/Region water, sewers

  • the operations of the Town/Region on public highways
  • pedestrian or vehicular traffic
  • interfere with directional signs or traffic control devices
  • sightlines of motorists or pedestrians

Street Numbers By-Law

Every building within the urban area shall have a visible street number.

Regulating Noise and Nuisance Within the Town

General Prohibition The by-law requires that No person shall make or cause or permit noise that is likely to disturb an inhabitant of the Town. There is no specific time when noise is prohibited, the complaint could be at any time of the day or night.

The following are considered noise:

  • Bells, horns sirens on a motor vehicle except when it is required by law or for safety reasons.
  • Loud radios televisions, other electronic devices
  • Yelling , shouting swearing a loud conversation
  • The condition of a motor vehicle when it is in disrepair
  • Revving of a motor vehicle
  • Barking dogs
  • Construction work is prohibited between 9:00pm and 7:00am any day

There are a number of exemptions in the by-law if you think it may be in that category then please call By-Law Enforcement.

Public Nuisance By-Law 30-09

  • Attracting or feeding animals domesticated or otherwise that causes a nuisance.
  • Exterior lighting that is directed or deflected towards adjacent lots.
  • Garage Sales: the event can only take place between 8:00am and 6:00pm; Only 4 garage sales scheduled per calendar year.

Fence By-Law 71-2016

This By-law deals with such items as:

Heights of fences, construction materials privacy screens 

Front Yard Measurement

  • Measured from the front property line for a distance of 4.5 metres (15 feet) the maximum height of a fence is 1.25 metres (4 feet) for a chain link fence or 1 metre (39 inches) for a solid style fence.
  • Once this distance has been reached the maximum height for a fence is 2.3 metres (7 feet 6 inches).
  • Where a person wishes to construct a fence on a corner lot please contact the By-Law Department for further advice.

For all other questions relating to fences, maintenance, location corner lots, industrial/commercial properties please contact Town Hall.

Fence Variance Application

Parks and Beaches By-Law 119-03

This By-law deals with:

  • Parking
  • Damage to park property
  • Littering
  • Allowing animals in the park
  • Mooring boats
  • Public meeting, events
  • Liquor
  • Sale of goods


Parks and Beaches By-law 119-03

(View page five for information pertaining to dogs beings allowed in parks)

 Dogs are permitted in the following parks:

  • Lions Sugar Bowl ( Dog Leash Free Area)
  • Battle of Ridgeway park
  • The Friendship Trail.
  • Dogs are not allowed on any of the Town-owned Beaches

Swimming Pool By-Law 149-08  

All swimming pools and hot tubs, spas and Jacuzzis that are capable of containing more than 0.60 metres (2’) of water, require a swimming pool permit which is obtained from the Building Department 

This By-law deals with:

  • In ground and above ground private swimming pools
  • Spas, hot tubs, whirlpools and Jacuzzis
  • Heights of fences, types of materials
  • Self- closing gates
  • Plumbing and electrical installations
  • No Owner shall place, erect, construct or install or permit to be placed, erected, constructed or have installed any privately owned Pool capable of containing water to a depth of more than 0.60 metres (2’) at any point, without first obtaining a Pool Permit, as required from the Chief Building Official.
  • No person shall place water or allow water to remain in any Pool unless a required Pool Permit has been issued and the Pool Enclosure has been inspected and approved by an Officer and constructed and maintained in compliance with this By-law.
  • Every owner shall ensure that any gates or covers forming part of a required pool enclosure be kept latched or locked.
  • No person shall drain or backwash into a sanitary system directly or indirectly onto neighbouring property.

Town of Fort Erie Encroachment Policy By-Law 89-07

No person shall place or permit to be placed, any fence, tree, shrub, hedge, landscape berm, vegetative plantings, or other structure or object within a municipal road allowance, except with permission granted in accordance with The Municipal Road Allowance Encroachment Policy.

Please contact the Town prior to placing any of the above on a Town road allowance.

Snow Removal By-Law 17-09

This by-law regulates where snow/ice can be placed within the Town.

  • No person shall deposit snow or ice on a sidewalk
  • No person No person shall deposit snow or ice on a highway that will cause interference with vehicular traffic.

Sign By-Law 119-2017

The Sign By-law regulates a number of types of signs in the town. Below is a list of types of signs that are covered in the by-law. The relevant page numbers in the by-law relating to a permit sign permit applications, construction requirements types of signs and minor variances are attached for ease of reference.


  • All Definitions -pages 3 to 10
  • Sign Permit Application -page 11
  • Construction Requirements -page 13
  • Signs Not Requiring a Permit -page 13
  • Prohibited Signs -page 14
  • Billboard Signs -page 15
  • Community Signs -page 16
  • Election Signs -page 17
  • Electronic Signs -page 18
  • Fascia Signs -page 18
  • Ground Signs -page 19
  • Portable Signs -page 19
  • Pole Signs -page 20
  • Projecting Signs -page 20
  • Sidewalk Signs -page 22
  • Minor Variances -page 22

If you have any questions regarding this by-law please contact the Building Department or By-law Enforcement who will be able to assist in your enquiry.

Motorized Snow Mobile By-Law 24-06

The Motorized Snow Vehicle By-law regulates the times and locations where a motorized snow vehicle can be driven.

No person shall use a motorized snow vehicle in the Town between the hours 12:00a.m. and 6:00 a.m. on any day.

No person operate a motorized snow vehicle upon any sidewalk except for crossing a sidewalk.

The exception to this is an emergency event where the hours of restriction shall be lifted.