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Customer Service

this is a picture of the words cuistomer service, which spell out the word, customer, friendly, support, innovative, positive, precise and timely

The Customer Service Unit (CSU), located in the atrium at Town Hall, provides responses and action on all of your customer service needs, based on the five principles of customer service:

  • timeliness and responsiveness;
  • knowledge and competence;
  • the “extra mile, extra smile” where staff are courteous and friendly;
  • fairness; and
  • the outcome – “I got what I need", or "I understand why I didn’t”.

Here are a few of the things that our CSU agents can do for you:  

  • Town Hall reception
  • Payment for tax and water accounts and account enquiries
  • Payment of goods or services (eg. Building permit, lot grading fees, etc.,)
  • General enquiries in person, by telephone or over the web
  • Create work orders (CRMs) based on telephone calls or web submissions
  • Respond to all contact us submissions from the web
  • Water – shut-off calls and payments
  • Receive tender/quotation  
  • Water and tax hard copy requests
  • Property Information Status Reports (PISRS) through lawyer’s office, when purchasing a property
  • Marriage Licences   
  • Vital Statistics
  • Parking Ticket Administration
  • Commissioning documents
  • Process burial permit application

The fabric of The Corporation is built on the principles of efficiency and effectiveness. Our Employees pride themselves on continuously looking for ways to improve the quality of service that they provide to residents. We never forget – we are here because of you, the customer. Continuous improvement is key and we value feedback on ways we can continue to evolve the delivery of key services so that the outcomes match the expectations, where possible.