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2017 & 2018 Bridge & Culvert

2017 and 2018 Bridge and Culvert Replacement


Bridge and Culvert Repair and Replacement at the following locations:

Black Creek Rd (M609C) - 136m South of Niagara Pkwy - Replacement
Nigh Rd (M323C) - 60m West of Windmill Point Rd - Replacement
Church Rd (S036B) - 370m East of House Rd - Railing Improvements

Thunder Bay Rd (S086B) - 756m East of Bernard Ave.- Railing Improvements
College Rd (S009B) - 492m West of House Rd - Repair 
Gilmore Rd (M370B) - 1337m West of Sunset Rd - Replacement 
College Rd (S011B) - 564m East of Winger Rd - Railing Improvements 
Winger Rd (S048B) - 1330m South of Bowen Rd - Railing Improvements 
Nigh Rd (S074B) - 150m East of Gorham Rd - Railing Improvements 
Burger Rd (S022B) - 85m South of Church Rd - Railing Improvements 
Kraft Rd (M400B) - 1044m North of Dominion Rd - Scouring Protection
Nigh Rd (S076B) - 264m East of Centralia Ave - Scouring Protection 
House Rd (S041C) - 189m South of Bertie St - Scouring Protection 

Please See Map of Locations by clicking here: 2017 & 2018 Map 



$1.3 Million


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Contact Information for the Project:

Town Contact:

  • Robert Judd, P.Eng., Engineering Division,, 905-871-1600, ext. 2412


  • Ellis Engineering
    • Brian Ellis,, 905-934-9049
    • Arih Struger - Kalkman,, 905-934-9049


  • CRL Campbell Construction & Drainage Ltd.