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TENTWhen is a Tent Permit required?

 A Building (Tent) Permit is required when the aggregate ground area for a tent or a group of tents exceed 60.0 sq.m. (645.8 sq.ft.).  Also, when a tent or a group of tents are to be attached to a building, when they are constructed closer than 3.0 metres (9'-8") to property lines, to other buildings and to combustible material or vegetation.

What are the rules & regulations for a Tent?

  • Access to a tent or group of tents shall be provided for fire fighting;
  • The support frame structure and anchorage system for tents larger than 225 sq.m. (2,421.8 sq.ft.) must be designed and reviewed by a Professional Engineer (P. Eng.) once erected;
  • Fabrics for tents must meet specific standards for flame resistance;
  • Adequate sanitary facilities must be made available for the duration that a tent is erected.


When tents or a group of tents measure less than 60.0 sq.m. (645.8 sq.ft.) in aggregate ground area, a Building (Tent) Permit is not required, provided that, the tent(s) are are not attached to a building & are constructed more than 3.0 metres (9'-8") from other structures.


When do I need a Professional Engineer to Review?

A Professional Engineer (P. Eng.) is required when:

  • tents exceed 225.0 sq.m. (2,421.8 sq.ft.) in ground area,
  • tents exceed 225.0 sq.m. (2,421.8 sq.ft.) in aggregate ground area & are closer than 3.0 metres (9'-8") apart,
  • contain bleachers; and
  • are enclosed with sidewalls

A Commitment to General Review Form must be completed by the P. Eng.



Do I need any other approvals?


The Ontario Fire Code contains specific requirements for the use of tents that exceed 30.0 sq.m. (322.9 sq.ft.) in size, Therefore, it is required that the Town's Fire Department be consulted prior to submission of a Building (Tent) Permit application.

In addition to the Town's Planning approval, permits and approvals may be required  from other agencies, such as but not limited to, the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA), the Ministry of Transportation & the Niagara Region etc.  Consequently, it is recommended that the Town's Building Department be consulted when considering the erection of a tent(s).


What is required for a Building (Tent) Permit Submission?

The Town will require the following information;

  • Completed application form;
  • Site/Plot plan clearly illustrating property lines, other buildings, proposed location of the tent or tents, sanitary facility location and their capacity, drawn to scale with clearly marked dimensions.
  • Information that will allow confirmation of access for fire fighting;
  • Documentation confirming sufficiency of compliance with flame resistance;
  • Internal tent layout identifying the location of tables, exits, seating number, aisle widths etc.;
  • Exit signs required above exit doors;
  • Fire extinguishers required adjacent to exit doors.
  • Any necessary approvals and/or permissions from other agencies (i.e. Niagara Regional Planning and Development Services, the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA), the Town's Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC) etc.).


In order to complete the drawings to the satisfaction of the OBC & the Town of Fort Erie's Planning & Development Services Department, it may be beneficial that you seek the assistance of a professional (i.e. Designer or Architect).  Their familiarity with the OBC requirements, drawing detail & design will prove useful.


Required 2023 Permit fees:

  • Tent, temporary fabric structure                                                   $164.00  
  • Multiple tents, same property                                                        $327.00



The information provided is intended to assist & guide the Building Permit process.  Regulations & fees are subject to change, therefore, please contact and consult the Building Department Staff.



Permit Applications can be obtained:

  • Online at;
  • At Town Hall, 1 Municipal Centre Drive, Building Department - Second Floor


For further information with the Tent Permit process, please review the following video.



Information Current to January 2023