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COVID-19 - Planning & Development

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Government of Ontario takes steps to limit COVID-19 spread at construction sites

Preparing for Building Inspections:

The Town of Fort Erie Building Department is continuing to  perform nspections. The following are measures we are expecting to be taken byowners, builders and developers to ensure the safety of our staff when doing our inspections.

At the scheduled inspection times, occupied homes should be aired out at least three hours ahead of the scheduled inspection. In addition, commonly touched surfaces should be sterilized with bleach solution or bleach wipes. Items of particular importance are door knobs, handrails and any other items people are likely to touch. Please see attached link for details.

Cleaning and Disinfection for Public Settings​

Please allow the Town inspector to conduct the inspection alone and any follow up needed can be done via phone call or email either while the inspector is still on site or once he/she leaves the site.  If additional persons are on site at the time of the inspection we will be requiring that the minimum 2 m. or 6 foot recommended separation for social distancing be maintained.  At any time if the inspector feels uncomfortable they will leave the site and the inspection will fail and need to be rescheduled. Inspection reports will continue to be emailed to the appropriate people and if there are any concerns please contact the inspector directly. Building inspections can also be scheduled by emailing or calling 905-871-1600 ext 5510. 

For more information and updates please go to the following link: COVID-19 NEWS

Building Permits
The Planning and Development Services department is continuing to process building permit applications and arranging inspections. Any new building permits, drawings and associated building permit fees can be dropped off at Town Hall by ringing the bell on the front outside door or in the overnight drop off box.

Electronic Permit Application Submission
Electronic permit applications can also be sent by email to Please keep in mind, that although we will accept the drawings and applications by email, building permits must have the associated fee paidbefore they will be processed. The payment can be sent via mail, courier or placed in the overnight drop box at Town Hall. Click here for the digital application for a building permit.

Building Inspections
For building inspections, we ask that the inspector attend the site alone and if necessary the inspector can call the specific tradesperson or the site supervisor to address any concerns.  Inspection reports will continue to be emailed to the appropriate people and if there are any concerns please contact the inspector directly. Building inspections can also be scheduled by emailing 

Planning Applications
For planning applications staff will accept applications via email at and cheques can be dropped off as described above. Required Open Houses, Public Meetings and Council Meetings are being hosted by the Town electronically via the Zoom platform. 

Planning applications can be found here: Planning Applications

Pre-consultation Applications
For pre-consultation applications we will continue to accept applications and payment online at the following link: Pre-Consultation

Pre-consultation meetings are being held electronically via the Zoom platform and our schedule remains the same (second and fourth Thursday of every month). 

APPLICANTS: The Region of Niagara is pleased to announce that a new online credit card payment option (Visa or Mastercard) is now available on Niagara Region’s website at This is a temporary online payment solution that has been expedited to support business continuity while the Region continues work towards a more permanent solution. Before initiating any payment to the Region of Niagara for Development Applications, please speak Town of Fort Erie Planning Staff so they contact a Regional Development Planner or Development Engineering contact prior to making any online payment.

Please keep in mind things may be slower than usual as we transition into this new way of doing business and ask for your patience during this time.