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Douglas Park Master Plan

Douglas Park is located in Ward 1, across from Douglas Memorial Hospital. The park was constructed in the 1960s and contains an informal baseball diamond, a soccer field and a swing set. Douglas Park has been identified for improvement and upgrades, so the park will better serve the needs of the community.


The first step in this process is to develop a park master plan that will guide future investment, in consultation with the local community that uses the park. The park master plan will commence in late 2018, with the intent to replace the park playground in 2019 with other improvements to follow.


Community consultation will occur through a series of public open houses – the first of which will seek ideas for improvement and the second will present options for development. Meeting invitations will be mailed to property owners within 150 meters of the park, will be advertised in the Fort Erie Post and on the Town’s social media pages, and mailed to anyone who expresses an interest in writing to the Town.