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Environmental Advisory Committee

Fort Erie Environmental Advisory Committee
By-law No. 170-06

Purpose: To advise and assist the Community and Development Services Department and Council with the management and conservation of the natural environment in Fort Erie.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Review “significant” development applications involving a change of use or intensification of use within or adjacent to Natural Heritage features identified on Schedule “C’ of the Town’s Official Plan;
  • Determine whether information submitted with a proposal is sufficient to assess the significance of impacts on the features or functions considered important by the Town’s Natural Areas Inventory for which the site was designated;
  • Assess the significance of potential environmental impacts of a proposal on the features or functions for which the area was designated;
  • Determine whether impacts can be effectively mitigated in order to comply with the Natural Heritage policies of the Town’s Official Plan;
  • Assist in the review or updating of future Town, Regional or Provincial policies related to natural heritage protection.
  • To undertake educational programs and promote public awareness and    stewardship of Fort Erie’s natural heritage.

Composition: 8 citizen appointees and 1 Member of Council.

Committee membership preference will be given to those individuals with a demonstrated knowledge, expertise or skill set related to natural heritage in Fort Erie, ability to interpret or experience in interpreting mapping or technical information, ability to understand the planning process, and municipal government and agency roles.   Opportunity for at least one member from each of the following groups shall be sought, namely: Bert Miller Nature Club, Friends of Fort Erie Creeks, Fort Erie Conservation Womens’ Auxiliary, Fort Erie Conservation Club


  1. Kate Ashbridge
  2. Shannon Larocque
  3. Nadine Litwin  
  4. Frank Raso
  5. Tim Seburn
  6. Brie Smalldon
  7. Dr. Richard Stockton
  8. David J. Ruttan
  9. Councillor Lubberts 

Meeting Schedule: Meet on the 3rd Wednesday every month - 5-7 p.m. Meeting location varies. Please contact 905-871-1600 for meeting location.

Other Comments: Although not required an educational background or work experience in the following areas would be beneficial: Biology, Ecology, Zoology/Ornithology, Botany, Limnology, Hydrology/Hydrogeology, Geology/Soil Science, Civil Engineering, Forestry, Resource Management, Environmental Planning, Landscape Architecture, Silviculture

Contact Information: Anamika Dilwaria, Senior Development Planner Ext. 2507

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