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Fort Erie Public Library Board


Purpose: The mission of the Library is to provide an “open door to lifelong learning and leisure opportunities for the empowerment of all members of the community”.  The purpose of the Board is to: advocate on behalf of the Library in the community; promote the Library’s value and contribution to community development tin Fort Erie; work to ensure strong financial support for the Library from a variety of funding sources in the community; work to develop strong partnerships and relations with other community agencies and Municipal Council; actively participate in leadership activities in the community and in the larger Library community; establish goals and objectives for the Fort Erie Public Library system and Board; ensure delivery of effective programs and services that reflect the diversity of community interests and needs; evaluate the performance of the Library in the community and revise goals and objectives as necessary to meet changing community needs; ensure on behalf of the community, strong professional management of the Library; ensure compliance with the Public Libraries Act and all other legislation pertinent to the operation of the Library in the community and, in particular, in Trustee development activities at the Regional and Provincial level.

Duties and Responsibilities: To govern the affairs of the libraries including policy development, strategic planning and advocacy for public library services in the Town of Fort Erie

Composition:  8 citizen appointees and 1 Member of Council. Pursuant to the Public Libraries Act, Applicants must be a Town of Fort Erie resident, Canadian citizen, and at least 18 years of age.


  1. Kenneth Burden  
  2. Darlene Clavel
  3. Larry Graber
  4. Gerard McCutcheon
  5. John (Terry) Moore
  6. Barbara Ruegg
  7. Vacancy
  8. Vacancy
  9. Councillor Dubanow

Term:  The term of the Fort Erie Public Library Board shall be concurrent with the term of the Council as provided for under the Public Libraries Act.

Meeting Schedule: Meet 3rd Tuesday – 5:30 p.m. – Fort Erie Public Library Board Room.

Other Comments: For more information on the Fort Erie Public Library, its services, programs and operations, please visit the Library’s website at or contact the Chief Executive Officer at the number or e-mail address listed below.

Contact Information:
Craig Shufelt, CEO 905-871-2546 ext. 303