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The Municipal Performance Measurement Program (MPMP) is a provincial mandated program that promotes local government transparency and accountability.  MPMP initiative is designed to provide taxpayers with useful information on service delivery and municipalities with tools to improve those services over time.  The program requires municipalities to collect data to measure their performance in core municipal service areas.

Municipalities are required to report MPMP results to the province through the Financial Information Return by May 31st following each reporting year.

Two significant changes to the MPMP have been made for the 2014 reporting year. First, the amount of data municipalities are required to report has been reduced significantly since some of the data previously reported is no longer relevant or now collected elsewhere. Second, since data reported for the MPMP by each municipality is publically available from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, municipalities will now be able to determine which MPMP measures to report to the public. This will reduce a potentially redundant burden for municipalities to publicize data that is already available elsewhere.  As a result of these changes, schedules 90-95 will no longer be required. Some of the data points that were collected in these schedules are now contained in Schedule 80D: Statistical Data.

All MPMP data submitted by municipalities are and will continue to be made available to the public online at:

To find out more about Ontario's Municipal Performance Measurement Program, visit the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing website.

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