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Mayors Youth Advisory Committee



Mayor's Youth Advisory Committee


                                                      Mayor's Youth Advisory Committee at Inauguration

By-law No. 172-05

Application Form for Mayor's Youth Advisory Committee: Application Form

Purpose: To discuss, plan and advise Town Council about issues concerning youth of Greater Fort Erie.  In addition, the Youth Advisory Committee will have the authority to act as appropriate to their overall mandate.

Duties and Responsibilities: To keep Town Council informed about important issues affecting youth, to occasionally host youth workshops, forums, conduct surveys and to address concerns and needs that affect youth, to act as a positive advocate for youth so that youth are valued and seen as contributors to the community, to support events that relate to the mandate and to provide leadership experience for youth.

Composition: Minimum of eleven (11), maximum of nineteen (19) youth appointees ages 13-21  and the Mayor.


  1. Craig Amadio
  2. Trinity Bernier
  3. Megan Dale
  4. Cameron DeBeau
  5. Rachel Dobbie
  6. Skyler Harrison
  7. Alexia Hidalgo
  8. Jackson Louws
  9. JonMichael Mollicone
  10. Theodora Mollicone
  11. Scooter Nagy
  12. Emma Nowling
  13. Faith Phibbs
  14. Owen Riel
  15. Sawyer Smith
  16. Emily Thomas 
  17. Stacy Weeks
  18. Vacancy
  19. Vacancy
  20. Mayor Redekop   

Adult Advisor:    Susan Jovanovic - Email:

Meeting Schedule: Meet once monthly, meeting locations to rotate throughout the community, one public meeting held annually.