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Nigh Rd Sewershed Trenchless Rehab

Nigh Road Sewershed Trenchless Rehab


Gorham Road to Prospect Pt Road and Nigh Road South to Farr Avenue:

The Sewer Restoration is completed by installing a liner in the existing sewer pipe through the existing manholes in the road. This method of sewer rehabilitation will restore the sewer pipe with minimal disruption to the neighbourhood compared to conventional open trench repairs. 

Work equipment will remain on your street until all of the lining activities are complete, which could under certain circumstances extend into the late evening. If evening work is required, every effort will be made to minimize the noise levels. 

While the work is being performed, your sewer service connections will be temporarily sealed off. In order to avoid backup of sewer water into your residence or business we ask that you take all of the following precautions to prevent water from escaping through any drain during the specified time period: 


1Do not wash clothes or dishes. 

2. Do not take showers or baths. 

3. Do not flush toilets (unless absolutely necessary) 

4. Do not operate sump pumps which are connected to the sewer. 





Construction Timeline (Phase 1):

  • Phase 1
    • Start of Construction- September 1, 2018
    • End of Construction- June 30, 2018
  • Phase 2
    • ​TBD

Construction Timeline (Phase 2):

  • TBD

Notice to Residents:


Contact Information for the Project:

Town Contact:

  • Robert D. Judd, P.Eng., Municipal Engineer - Infrastructure Renewal, Engineering Division,, 905-871-1600, ext. 2412


  • Robinson Construction
    • Kevin Bainbridge, 905-304-0080 ext. 222,


  • Phase 1
    • ​Pipeflo Contracting Corporation
  • Phase 2
    • ​TBD