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Official Plan

Town of Fort Erie Official Plan

The Town's Official Plan, approved by the Region in 2011
, is a long range planning document, that guides through the use of land use designations and policy, how and where the Town will grow and develop for a 20 year time horizon. The Official Plan must not conflict with upper-tier Regional Official Plan and Provincial Planning Policy (Provincial Policy Statements & Places To Grow, Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe).

The Official Plan identifies where residential, open space, commercial, industrial and institutional uses can be located and how such uses can develop. The Official Plan also identifies important natural heritage features and contains policies to protect or conserve these features. The Official Plan also provides higher level policy guidance on servicing for development, as well as roads, transportation, archaeological resources, built heritage, aggregate and petroleum resources as well as application processing policies.

The Official Plan is not a static document and can be amended following procedures under the Planning Act. The Town's Secondary Planning program develops more detailed community/neighbourhood plans which amends the Official Plan providing more detailed guidance at a community level. Applications for site specific amendments from the private sector are also received.

The objectives of the Official Plan are implemented by the Town's Zoning By-law.

A consolidated version of the Official Plan is being developed incorporating all the amendments to the Plan to date. It is recommended that designations be confirmed with the Town's Planning and Development Department.

Official Plan Policy

Official Plan Text


Official Plan Schedules & Appendices

Schedule A Land Use Plan
Schedule A1 Neighbourhoods
Schedule B Mineral Aggregate & Petroleum Resources
Schedule C Natural Heritage  Features
Schedule C1 Natural Hazards & Fish Habitat
Schedule D Cultural Heritage Archaeological Zones of Potential
Schedule D1 Cultural Heritage Archaeological Zones of Sensitivity
Schedule E Transportation Plan
Appendix A Glossary of Terms
Appendix B Concept Plan - Bay Beach
Appendix C Adjacent Lands Distances - Natural Heritage Features
Appendix D Natural Areas Designation Criteria

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