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Parks & Facilities Division

In addition to the day-to-day operation and maintenance of Town buildings, the staff of Parks & Facilities Management is responsible for the contract administration of capital renewal projects to town facilities. A recent Facility Assessment Study had led to the creation of long-range facility renewal plan, allowing for accurate capital budget forecasting.
Our staff has developed and implemented an Asbestos Management Program for Town-owned buildings. This program addresses 3 primary areas related to Asbestos materials with our buildings: sampling and inventory of materials, education and training of staff and ongoing monitoring and/or abatement of the materials.

Energy conservation is also a mandate of the Parks & Facilities Management Division. Our staff work closely with the local utility providers on incentive programs such as the Power Savings Blitz and the Energy Retrofit Program, as well as promoting community programs like Earth Hour and the Power Pledge. Continuous monitoring of analysis of all utility data is a critical step in identifying building systems in the need of improvement.

Parks & Facilities Management is also responsible for the reservation and rental of our many facilities, like arenas, banquet halls, meeting rooms, picnic pavilions, and sports fields. For more information or inquires regarding town facilities, please call (905)871-1600 x2431.

Sean Hutton - Manager, Parks & Facilities Division

Green Energy Act - Provincial Reporting Requirements

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