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Property Information Status Report

The Town of Fort Erie approved changes to the user fees and charges in 2012 through By-Law 12-12. The package rates listed below are effective May 7, 2012.

Information Packages Available (price per property):

Full Package $180.00 includes Tax certificate, Water certificate, Zoning Information, comments regarding Property Standards By-law, Building Code, Public Works Services and Fire Department information for Residential, Institutional, Commercial, Industrial and Multi-Family dwellings.

Partial Package $80.00 includes Tax Certificate and comments regarding Property Standards By-law and Building Code.

Tax and Water Package $60.00 includes both Tax and Water Certificates.

All fees noted above include applicable taxes.

Note to Applicant:
When sending in PISR requests please send in the attached form with payment. Please use one form for each property request.

All information relating to this form shall be in writing. Verbal information is not provided to non-property owners. The Town will make every effort to complete the requested information within 3 working days from date received but shall not be held responsible under any circumstances for delays beyond this time. This response to your request for property information is given for your convenience and without assumption of liability. Efforts are made to ensure that this information is correct on the date of reply, but the Town does not warrant or certify accuracy or completeness. It should be clearly understood that you must satisfy yourself on the condition of the property and the ramifications thereof as well as to the proper legal interpretation of any applicable legislation including municipal by-laws. Note that payment is required to release the information.

Additional Services Provided
To request a Zoning Compliance Letter please contact our Planning and Development Services Department 905-871-1600 Ext. 2501.

Extraneous Flow Inspections are available by calling 905 871-1600 Ext. 2466.

Fire Department inspections are available upon request. Please contact 905-871-1600 Ext. 2601 for further information.