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Property Standards Committee

Property Standards Committee
By-law No. 186-08

Purpose: The purpose of the Committee is to hear an appeal against an Order issued under the Property Standards By-law.  A hearing is set where evidence is heard from both the Town and property owner as to the merits of the Order. It is the Committee’s role to make an informal, impartial decision to either.

Duties and Responsibilities: To hear appeals under the Property Standards By-law of the Town of Fort Erie

Composition: 5 citizen appointees.


  1. John Castrilli
  2. Sandra Flake  
  3. Mike Foster
  4. Robert Gill
  5. Terry Woodland

Meeting Schedule: Meet at the call of the Chair.  Rate of Remuneration $25.00 per meeting

Other Comments: To uphold the Order or make changes to the order that they see are necessary. Meetings are usually held during regular working hours on an as needed basis.

Contact Information:
Staff Liaison: Margarete Taddeo, Secretary- Ext. 2214