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Shipping/Cargo Containers

Shipping/Cargo Containers

The availability of low cost, re-purposed shipping/cargo containers to the general public has led to an increase of containers appearing throughout Fort Erie’s residential, commercial and industrial areas. For almost two years, Town Council and staff have investigated the optimal approach to addressing the use of shipping/cargo containers in Fort Erie.

In October 2019, Town Council approved changes to the Town’s zoning by-law to address issues associated with the conversion of these units such as safety (e.g. contaminants, ventilation, etc.) and integration into non-industrial areas (e.g. residential, commercial etc.) by setting out specific setback and locational provisions as well as requiring the submission of a site plan application including drawings such as site layout and building design. In addition, Town Council approved where and how the use of shipping/cargo containers may be used on a temporary basis within the Town.

The Town’s fees and charges by-law was also updated to include a site plan fee of $760 for all converted shipping/cargo containers. However, the fee will exclude shipping/cargo containers for accessory residential and commercial uses as long as the applicant picks one of the Town’s pre-approved design options.

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For more information regarding shipping/cargo containers in Fort Erie, please contact Anamika Dilwaria, Acting Manager, Development Approvals at 905-871-1600, ext. 2507.