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Short-term Rentals for Renters

Effective June 11, 2021 and in accordance with the Province of Ontario's Re-Opening Plan - Step 1, Short-Term Rentals are permitted to operate, however indoor pools, communal steam rooms, saunas or indoor whirlpools, indoor fitness centres, or other indoor recreational facilities must remain closed. To find out more, please visit:

Short-Term Rentals for Renters
As a short-term guest, you are responsible for knowing and abiding by all municipal bylaws during your stay in Fort Erie. Most bylaws are in line with many other municipalities; however, some details of the bylaws may be different. Please take a minute to review the bylaws below as well as reference our FAQs to further better understand our short-term rentals program. A list of registered short-term rental properties is available and is updated regularly.

Noise and Nuisance
As a short-term rental guest, it is important to be respectful and mindful of surrounding residents. The Town’s noise and nuisance bylaw is used to address complaints from local residents about neighbourhood disruptions such as loud music, shouting, dogs barking or feeding wild animals. There is no specific time when noise is prohibited.

Open-air Burning
Fort Erie Fire Services regulates an open-air burning bylaw in Fort Erie. Sometimes hot, dry weather will result in a burn ban. During that time, absolutely no open-air burning will be allowed including open-air burning from permit holders. If an open-air burning ban is in place, the Town will promote it on its website and through social media.  

Waste Collection and Recycling
Similar to your hometown, Fort Erie has a regular waste and recycling collection schedule. Please speak to your short-term rental operator for the collection day schedule for your rental property. Alternatively, you can enter the property’s address visit at the Niagara Region’s waste and recycle webpage to find out more information.

Property Standards
For the safety of our renters, the short-term rentals bylaw enforces the maintenance of both land and buildings within the Town of Fort Erie. In addition to dealing with garbage and debris, the property standards by-law also regulates the condition of buildings, such as structural soundness. If you have concerns about the building's condition, please contact Town Hall and speak to staff directly.

Parking Guidelines
Parking will be different depending on where you are parking in Town. In many cases, guests will be able to use a driveway; however, some other cases will require guests to use on-street parking or a parking lot. Our parking guidelines may be helpful when traveling to Fort Erie’s many tourist attractions and local businesses. Parking penalties are enforced by the Fort Erie By-law Enforcement and Niagara Regional Police Services under the Town’s parking bylaw.

Bay Beach (also known as Crystal Beach)
Once the stay-at-home order is lifted (expected June 2), Bay Beach will be opened to the general public. Beach capacity restrictions will be put in place (2000 maximum) to allow for proper physical distancing.

To access the beach, beachgoers will be required to present one of three 2021 Bay Beach passes (resident, commercial or day). Beach entry will be based on a first-come, first-serve basis, and proof of residency will not be required when entering Bay Beach. Beachgoers are encouraged to review beach rules and the real-time beach capacity tracker before heading to Bay Beach.


FAQs for Renters

Q. How many people can be in one short-term rental property?
The rule for the number of guests per short-term rental is subject to the limit of guests established by the approved fire safety plan or fire evacuation plan.

Q: I am from outside of Fort Erie. Can I still come to the beach?
Yes. Bay Beach is open to the general public with a capacity of 2000 people put in place. Beachgoers are encouraged to review the real-time beach capacity update before heading to the beach. 

Q. Can we put a tent on the property for other guests to stay in?
No, there is no outside sleeping permitted on the short-term rental property.

Q. Are we, as renters, responsible for putting out waste and recycling bins for collection?
Yes, you will be responsible for putting all garbage and recycle bins out for collection on the correct day. That date should be provided to you by your short-term rental operator.

Q. Are we allowed to have a fire on the property?
Yes, when a temporary ban on open air burning is not in effect, open-air burning is allowed but we highly recommend that renters read up on the Town’s open-air burning by-law to learn the details of the bylaw.

Q. Where are we allowed to park when staying at our short-term rental?
The Town offers plenty of on-street and lot parking. Please speak with your short-term rental operator for parking options and guidelines.