Electronic Billing

Electronic Billing through “epost”

The Town of Fort Erie has teamed up with epost™ – the safe, secure and free way from Canada Post to manage your bills, statements and essential documents online.


With epost, there’s one place, one login and one password. No more dealing with multiple websites, usernames and passwords just to manage your bills online, Best of all, with bank-grade security epost, is safe and secure.


Sign up today at to have your Fort Erie water and property tax bills delivered to your own safe, secure epost digital mailbox. You can also access epost through your financial institution where you can view and pay your bills online.

For further information take a tour with epost

Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

  1. Visit and create your username and password
  2. Have your paper bills ready so you can easily access your account information
  3. To register your Tax and Water bills please follow the attached instructions.  

One place. One login. One password.