Bay Beach - Application for Entrance Permit / Parking Pass

Parking Passes:

  • Application is intended for properties that do not have space for a driveway to hold at least one car;
  • Applicants are limited to two (2) vehicle passes per property;
  • Application is for residential properties only;
  • Approval is granted to the vehicle registered; vehicles using the pass not registered are subject to penalties under the by-law;
  • Approval grants the applicant to park without fee in the on-street pay parking area of Crystal Beach;
  • Parking availability is not guaranteed.

Driveway Entrance Permits:

  • Application is intended for properties that have enough space for a driveway/parking, but do not have a clearly defined entrance;
  • Entrances should be not more than 9m in width;
  • Pre-Approval of location of entrance is required by the Town before construction begins;
  • As a minimum standard, applicants are required to place ¾” gravel between the road and the sidewalk (on the boulevard) to clearly indicate the entrance to the property;
  • Application is for residential properties only.

How would you like to receive your passes?
  • Mail - Your pass(es) will be sent first-class mail with Canada Post. Please note that the Town will not be held responsible for delayed, lost or damaged items and we will not be in a position to reissue pass(es) for any such reasons.

If you have any questions regarding these passes please submit your questions via  Contact Us

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