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This day in our history
Provided by the Fort Erie Museum

1795 - A storm damages much of Historic Fort Erie including Major Pratt's quarters leaving only the roof and chimney. (The Correspondence of Lieut. Gov. John Graves Simcoe, Vol. IV. 1795-1796, Brig. Gen. E.A. Cruikshank, ed. Toronto: Ontario Historical Society, 1926, p. 106)

1926 - Church dignitaries from Canada and the U.S. are present when the cornerstone is laid for All Saints' Anglican Church, Ridgeway. (FEHM files)

1926 - The last rivet is put in place in the Peace Bridge setting a world record in steel bridge fabrication. This beat the world record for building a steel bridge of this size by 5 days. (The Bridgeburg Review, Oct. 15, 1926; FEHM Files)

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