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Resident Internet Survey

The Town of Fort Erie is conducting a Residential Internet Survey to determine the level of satisfaction Fort Erie Residents have with their current Internet Provider/Internet quality. This survey will help the Town of Fort Erie gain a better understanding of which areas in Fort Erie are currently under serviced with respect to internet service. To fill out the survey, please visit

This day in our history
Provided by the Fort Erie Museum

1930 - Fort Erie, Snake Hill and Pacific Railroad ceases operations after 43 years of service to Erie Beach. (Many Voices, Fort Erie, Ont.: Fort Erie Museum Board, 1996, p. 121)

1947 - A plaque in memory of Brigadier-General Ernest Alexander Cruikshank is dedicated at the Court House in Welland. (Times-Review, May 19, 1982; and Ontario Historic Sites, Museums, Galleries and Plaques, Ont.: Ontario Ministry of Culture and Recreation. n.d., p.148)

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