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This day in our history
Provided by the Fort Erie Museum

1911 - J.A.D. McCurdy, piloting a Curtiss pusher biplane, becomes the first Canadian aviator to fly in a professional exhibition. The aviation meet was held at the Fort Erie Racetrack. (Many Voices II, Fort Erie, Ont.: Fort Erie Historical Museum, 2004, p. 61)

1933 - Win Philip and his famous Chateau Laurier Orchestra play the Crystal Beach dance hall. This Montreal dance band were said to be Canada's best dance band . (Buffalo Evening News, June 17, 1933)

1975 - Kieran J. Glynn of Stevensville is violently thrown from his seat of the Comet roller coaster at Crystal Beach Park resulting in his death. Investigations the following day concluded that the operators were not to blame for the accident. This was the first fatality on the Comet. (Buffalo Courier Express, Jun. 23, 1975)

1980 - Full season opening of Crystal Beach Park features two new rides, “The Pirate” and the “Music Express” and a 1000 seat outdoor amphitheater that will feature live entertainment. (FEHM Files; Buffalo Courier Express, May 21, 1980)

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