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Provided by the Fort Erie Museum

1862 - Town Council is no longer allowed to hold their meetings in the school house on Waterloo St., Fort Erie. They had allegedly refused to loan an oil lamp to the school board. (Marguerite A. Raymond, Tales of the Old Town, Fort Erie Historical Museum, 1990, p. 140)

1893 - The new Fort Erie town hall on Queen St. is dedicated. Built at a cost of $8200.00, it had gas chandeliers, an auditorium for entertainment, and a library. (Marguerite A. Raymond reprinted in the Evening Review Centennial Edition, June 30, 1967)

1959 - Unveiling of a plaque commemorating “Mackenzie's Crossing”. This site on the Niagara Parkway marks where William Lyon Mackenzie, leader of an ill-fated rebellion in 1837, escaped from government forces to Grand Island. (Times-Review, Oct. 1, 1959; Many Voices II, Fort Erie, Ont.: Fort Erie Historical Museum, 2004, p. 248)

1981 - Fleet volunteers dedicate the “Spirit of Fleet II” to the Canadian Warplane Heritage in Mt. Hope. They restored this Cornell in honour of the original “Spirit of Fleet” which had been the 1000th Cornell built by Fleet. That plane was donated to the World War II war effort in 1943. (FEHM Files; Times-Review, Sept. 29, 1981)

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