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Pre-Authorized Tax Payments

Benefits of Pre Authorized Payments
Payments automatically deducted from your bank account: No postage or line-ups; no cheques to write; no missed due dates.

Payments are always on time
Monthly (10 times a year)
Installment (4 times a year)

There is no fee charged for this service.

Who is eligible?
All Town of Fort Erie taxpayers (both realty and commercial taxes) whose taxes are current.

How the Plan Works


Monthly Plan
Applicants are notified, by a payment schedule printed on the back of your tax bill, of the monthly payment amount to be deducted each month. Payments from February to June cover the interim bill. Payments from July to November cover the final bill.

Payments are deducted on either the 15th or the last business day of the month. You choose the one most convenient for you.

Installment Plan
Tax bills will be mailed to you as usual informing you of the pre-authorized amount and the due date of the automatic withdrawal.



How to Join the Plan
Your tax account must be current.
Fill out and print the “Application for Pre-Authorized Tax Plan”.
Attach a cheque marked “VOID” to your completed application form.  It can be faxed to 905-871-9984 or mailed to:


Town of Fort Erie
1 Municipal Centre Drive
Fort Erie, Ontario
L2A 2S6

Termination of the Plan
You may cancel your participation in the plan at least 10 days prior to your withdrawal date by completing the “Cancellation of Pre-Authorized Payments” form.

Any balance remaining on an installment becomes due immediately.

Subscribers to the Payment Plan who have more than one returned item within a 12 month period will become ineligible to continue on the plan for a 12 month period from the date of the second returned item.

If you move or change your bank account, you must notify the Town immediately in writing.

If you have any questions please contact the Tax Department at 905-871-1600 ext. 2871.