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Education, Learning and Resources

Fort Erie has many learning opportunities available to persons of all ages from continuing education to public/separate schools and private schools.

  • Adult Learning – Fort Erie Secondary School– Click here
  • Adult Literacy – Click here
  • Continuing Education – Catholic School Board - Adult – Click here
  • Continuing Education – Public School Board – Adult– Click here
  • Fort Erie Museum Services - Click here
  • Fort Erie Public Library – Click here

Fort Erie Public Schools:

District School Board of Niagara - Click here

Elementary Schools:

Garrison Road 1110 Garrison Road, Fort Erie L2A 1N9 871‐4830 - Click here

Peace Bridge 105 Torrance Street, Fort Erie L2A 2C1 871‐5962 - Click here

John Brant 143 Ridge Road, Ridgeway L0S 1N0 894‐3751 - Click here

Stevensville 3521 Main Street East, Stevensville L0S 1S0 382‐3122 - Click here


Secondary Schools:

Greater Fort Erie Secondary School 1640 m Garrison Road, Fort Erie, ON L2A 5M4  here




Fort Erie Catholic Schools:

Niagara Catholic School Board  – Click here

Elementary Schools:

Our Lady of Victory 300 Central Ave. Fort Erie, ON L2A 3T3 P. 905.871.3092 – Click here

St. George 3800 Wellington Rd. Crystal Beach, ON L0S 1B0 P. 905.894.3670 – Click here

St. Joseph 3650 Netherby Road, Stevensville, ON L0S 1S0 P. 905.382.3822 – Click here

St Philomena 1332 Phillips St. Fort Erie, ON L2A 3C2 P. 905.871.1842 – Click here


Secondary Schools:

Lakeshore Catholic High School (Port Colborne) – Click here


Post-Secondary Education: Niagara Region

Brock University – Click here

Niagara College - Click here