Sidewalks & Street Lighting


Every year, as part of our general capital construction program, sidewalks are removed, replaced or repaired. When this program is tendered and awarded to a contractor, the report to Council will be posted here indicating what works are planned.

What do I do to request a new sidewalk or advise the Town a sidewalk (or section) is broken?
In either case, contact the Engineering Division at (905) 871-1600 to arrange an on-site inspection.



What do I do if there is a burnt out streetlight? 

To report a streetlight outage, please call Town Hall , Customer Service Unit at 905-871-1600 or fill out the Street Lighting Outage Report form.


I would like to request a new streetlight.

Please refer to the Town’s Street Lighting Policy for more information as to when and how requests are granted. 

Sections re: additional streetlights:

OUTSIDE the Urban Boundary:

2.2.1 Street lighting in areas outside the Urban Area boundaries as defined in the Town’s Official Plan will generally be limited to intersections only.

2.2.2 Street lighting must be located within a public traveled road allowance.

WITHIN the Urban Boundary:

3.4     System additions, extensions and upgrades on existing streets to meet the “every second pole criteria” shall be financed in the following manner:

Requisitioning Property Owner(s)      75%
Corporation                                            25%

3.5     Requested system improvements, extensions or additions on existing streets that will exceed Section 3.4 minimum streetlight spacing requirements shall be funded entirely (100%) by the Requisitioning Property Owner(s).

3.6     Payment for requested and approved installation(s) must be received by the Town prior to commencement of the installation(s).

3.7     Should the Traffic Coordinating Committee identify a safety concern that may be addressed by the installation of a streetlight(s), the Committee may waive or alter the above-noted funding mechanism, on a case-by-case basis.


If you require more information, please call our Engineering Division at (905) 871-1600.


LED Streetlight Program:

The Town of Fort Erie has replaced the old street lights with substantially more energy efficient Light Emitting Diode (LED) street lights.  In addition to consuming much less energy, LEDs produce a cleaner, whiter light that improves visual acuity and community safety. The beams of LEDs are also more directed than traditional street lights to light only the roadway, which helps reduce light pollution.

The Town has contracted out the repair outages when they occur and Fairway Electrical Services Inc. to repair broken poles and fixtures.  If you have any questions regarding the Streetlights in the Town of Fort Erie, please use the Streetlight Outages Form (link found above) or contact the Project Manager.

Please contact the Town’s Project Manager should you have any additional questions or require further clarification. 

  • Robert Judd, P.Eng, Project Manager, 905-871-1600 x2412

Thank you for your patience and co-operation.