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Crystal Beach Secondary Plan

Crystal Beach Secondary Plan

Update - April 29, 2021 - CBSP Appeal - Ontario Land Tribunal

The Crystal Beach Secondary Plan was passed by the Town of Fort Erie Council on 22 November 2021 as By-law No. 143-2021 (OPA) and By-law No. 144-2021 (ZBA) .

The Secondary Plan was subsequently appealed. The appeals were submitted to the Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT) for assessment on 27 January 2022. At this stage of the appeal process the Town is waiting for direction from the OLT. For more detailed information regarding the appeal process please contact the OLT directly - link)

Update - December 23, 2021 – By-law No.143 and By-law No.144 Notification RECIRCULATION

Please find the RECIRCULATED Notice of passing of By-law No.143 and By-law No.144 at the following links:

RECIRCULATED Notification of passing of the By-laws is provided on 23 December 2021. After the notification is issued, a 20-day appeal period will follow.

Update - December 2, 2021 – By-law No.143 and By-law No.144

The By-law No. 143 to Enact an Amendment to the Official Plan Adopted by By-law No. 150-06 for The Town of Fort Erie Planning Area Amendment No. 56 and the By-law No. 144 to Amend Zoning By-law No. 129-90 to Implement Official Plan Amendment No. 56, being the Crystal Beach Secondary Plan have been passed at the Regular Council of November 22, 2021. Please find the By-laws at the following links:

Pursuant to the requirements of the Planning Act, Notification of passing of the By-laws is provided on 2 December 2021. Following notification, a 20-day appeal period will follow. Please see the Notifications for more information below:

Update - October 2021 – By-law Submission to Council

The By-law to Enact an Amendment to the Official Plan Adopted by By-law No. 150-06 for The Town of Fort Erie Planning Area Amendment No. 56 and the By-law to Amend Zoning By-law No. 129-90 to Implement Official Plan Amendment No. 56, being the Crystal Beach Secondary Plan is scheduled to be submitted for approval at the Regular Council of November 22, 2021.

Pursuant to the requirements of the Planning Act, notification of passing will be given within 15 days of Council approval. Following notification, a 20-day appeal period will follow.


Update - September 13, 2021 – Crystal Beach Secondary Plan Recommendation Report

Recommendation Report PDS-86-2021 to implement the Crystal Beach Secondary Plan was presented to and approved by Council, at its September 13, 2021 Committee meeting. The Report is provided below:


Update June 21, 2021 – Public Meeting

The CBSP Public Meeting was held at the June 21, 2021 Council-in-Committee Meeting. Information Report PDS-47-2021 was presented for Council consideration and delegations participated in the Public Meeting. Public Meeting presentation material and the report are provided below:


Update - May 18, 2021 - Public Open House 3

The CBSP Public Open House Number 3 was conducted via zoom on May 18, 2021. Open House presentation material is provided below:


Update - May 5, 2021 - Let’s Talk Fort Erie debut

The Crystal Beach Secondary Plan Lets Talk Fort Erie page debuted on May 5, 2021, to actively engage and communicate with the community, in light of COVID-19 restrictions. The Crystal Beach Secondary Plan LTFE page offered up to date information, a pubic survey and opportunity to provide feedback, and ongoing updates of the Secondary Plan.


For further details please see the ‘Let’s Talk Fort Erie’ – Crystal Beach Secondary Plan page.


Update - April 20, 2021

While the Crystal Beach Secondary Plan was initiated in 2018, its intended completion was delayed in 2020 due to COVID19 and staffing changes. The Draft Secondary Plan is now complete, and the Town will be initiating a final round of public consultation for review and comment, prior to seeking final Council approval. This final public consultation process will include a meeting of the Crystal Beach Secondary Plan Community Focus Group, a Public Open House, and a Statutory Public Meeting, following which a final recommendation report will be presented to Town Council.

It must be noted that this web page contains historical information and we encourage you to visit the ‘Let’s Talk Fort Erie’ webpage for the Crystal Beach Secondary Plan. This is a ‘one-stop’ webpage where you can attain all available information on the project, complete a survey, offer your comments and feedback, sign up for project updates, get answers to Frequently Asked Questions, and stay up to date on the project schedule.  The information provided through ‘Let’s Talk Fort Erie’ will be used by staff for the purposes of informing the Secondary Plan process, and provided in a summarized format to Council. The ‘Let’s Talk Fort Erie’ page will open the week of May 3, 2021 and close on May 31, 2021. You can access the page using the following link .

We are looking forward to your feedback!


Update - November 8, 2019

The Parking Study undertaken for the Crystal Beach Secondary Plan has now been completed and is available as an Appendix to Town Administrative Report PDS-64-2019.  You can access the documents with the following link.

PDS-64-2019 & Crystal Beach Parking Study 2019

This information will continue to inform staff as they work to complete a Draft Secondary Plan. Staff is presently aiming for a January release of the Draft with potential for a Public Meeting in February. Once the Draft is complete, it shall be posted on this site and notification will be provided via the Town and legislative notification process. Those who have supplied e-mail contact will also receive notice via staff.

Update - September 1, 2019

Thank you to everyone who came out to the 2nd Crystal Beach Secondary Plan Open House Meeting held August 28, 2019 at the Crystal Ridge Community Centre. Early estimates would have approximately 175 persons attending with many staying for the presentation.

As mentioned that evening, the meeting displays and presentations are being posted here as PDF files for anyone wishing to review them again or for those who could not make the meeting.

Town Display Boards
Town Presentation (Welcome Loop)

Staff Presentation

In addition to Town staff displaying and presenting work on the Secondary Plan, the Town's Transportation Consultant retained for a Crystal Beach Neighbourhood Parking Study were also on hand to speak with public concerning parking related matters. Paradigm Transportation Solutions Limited have made the following available for posting to this webpage and would encourage participation in a short online survey. The link is in the text below.

Crystal Beach Parking Study

The Town has undertaken several recent initiatives in Crystal Beach which have impacted parking demand and availability, including:

  • Redeveloping the waterfront park and collecting user fees;
  • Implementing paid on-street parking;
  • Formalizing agreements for public access to parking on private lands; and
  • Developing a Secondary Plan for the entire Crystal Beach Neighbourhood.

As a result of the above initiatives, the Town needs a clear and contemporary parking strategy to guide future initiatives and support broader Town objectives. The Town started the process of reviewing, understanding and potentially improving parking in Crystal Beach by hiring a consultant team in June 2019. The Crystal Beach Parking Study will develop a plan to ensure an adequate supply of parking is available through the year 2039 (the next 20 years) to accommodate the planned growth.


A public information centre was held on August 28, 2019 for attendees to learn more about the existing parking conditions and future parking demand in Crystal Beach and to provide their feedback. If you were unable to attend, you can review the presentation boards here.


Update – August 8, 2019

Following the Community Focus Group (CFG) Meetings in February of this year, Town staff have scheduled a Public Information Open House for Wednesday, August 28, 2019 at the Crystal Ridge Community Centre from 6-8pm. This is the 2nd Open House for the Crystal Beach Secondary Plan and staff will have a Conceptual Development Plan on display to illustrate which properties it is considering for Land Use Designation and/or Zoning changes.

Public Information Open House Meeting No.2 - Meeting Notice

Open House will consist of the first hour for plan review and discussions with Town staff and consultant representatives attending the meeting, followed by a slide presentation outlining the Conceptual Development Plan components and vision.

Property owners that have been identified will be receiving a letter in the mail advising of the Town’s interest.

A copy of the Conceptual Development Plan is available as a PDF file for download or online review. Also available in advance of the meeting will be the transcribed Community Focus Group suggestions which had contributed to the development of the Conceptual Plan.

(Note: A full size copy of the Conceptual Development Plan is on display at Town Hall in the Atrium or at the Crystal Ridge Library Branch)

The Plans are available with the following links:

Town generated Conceptual Development Plan

CFG Group “A” Mark-up Plan 

CFG Group “B” Mark-up Plan 

CFG Mark-ups 

Town Planning staff will receive comments on the Conceptual Development (Land Use) Plan up until Friday, September 13, 2019 via e-mail or written submissions.

In addition, the Town initiated a Parking Study for Crystal Beach and the consultant retained for the study work (Paradigm Transportation Solutions Limited (PTSL) will have representatives at the meeting to garner feedback from the public, as they work towards generating some short and long term options/recommendations respecting “The Beach Area” parking, the “Commercial Core Area” parking and other areas throughout the balance of the Crystal Beach Neighbourhood.

PTSL will be providing contact information on where comments can be made related to their study work and will also be making an online survey for input available in the near future. Planning staff will have a link posted here very shortly.

Persons who have provided e-mail contact information will be sent an e-mail with the Notice and the Notice will run in the upcoming August 15th, 2019 Fort Erie Post newspaper. The Town will also be advising of the Meeting via Twitter, Facebook and all of its other enhanced notification practices.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Update – September 4, 2018


Following the August 1, 2018 Public Information Open House, Town staff has received many submissions. Thank you!

Town staff would like to take this opportunity to clear up some misconception and provide some facts about the Secondary Plan. Please read this linked PDF file with a Question / Answer format on some of the common commenting being received.


Staff are presently in a consultation cycle and will announce any future Public Information Meetings through all the regular channels. If you wish to have notification e-mailed to you, please provide your e-mail address to (if you have not done so already)

Update – August 2, 2018

Thanks for coming to the Open House!

Approximately 70 people were in attendance at Crystal Ridge Community Centre on the evening of August 1, 2018.

Staff had a series of boards on display and gave a presentation to go over the secondary plan process and to open dialogue for the coming months, as we work towards generating some draft materials to return to the public and agencies with at a later date. Staff will meet with stakeholders, partner agencies and other groups in the coming weeks and also meet with the Community Focus Group.

The presentation given can be downloaded using the link below:

August 1, 2018 Crystal Beach Public Information Open House Presentation

A copy of the display board panels as a pdf can also be downloaded using the link below:

August 1, 2018 Crystal Beach Public Information Open House Display Boards

Once again, thank you for attending and look forward to speaking to you all again.


Update – July 19, 2018

Public Information Open House No.1

The first Public Information Open House has been scheduled for August 1, 2018.

The meeting will be open to the public from 6pm to 8pm with a brief presentation at 7pm.

A PDF of the Notice can be viewed/downloaded using the following link:  Public Information Open House


The meeting is intended to hear from residents about where they see Crystal Beach in another 25 years. Growth, intensification, redevelopment and rejuvenation, together with conservation, preservation and protection are topics framed in policy of a secondary plan, with land use being the central focus.

  • Where should we grow in this community?
  • Where should intensification go in Crystal Beach?
  • What should that intensification look like?
  • What form of buildings should we consider?
  • How do we head towards improving on a complete community concept?

These are the types of questions, along with many others, that Town staff needs to consider in preparing a Secondary Plan.


Senior Town staff and the Crystal Beach Community Focus Group participated in separate strategic planning sessions in order to sample and transcribe the mindset of their respective cross sections or profiles, with respect to the future of Crystal Beach. Town Planning Report No. PDS-45-2018 provides a synthesis of that thought process and has given Town planning staff a direction for exploration with the balance of the community. Planning staff hope to hear from all public, partners and stakeholders on this planning exercise.


NO PROPOSED CHANGES ARE BEING PRESENTED AT THIS TIME.  This meeting is about hearing what you would like to see, or have staff consider, before returning to the public with a proposed land use plan.  


If you are unable to attend the meeting, please write in with your thoughts and opinions concerning Crystal Beach’s future using the contact information at the bottom of this page. Staff strongly encourage review of Report PDS-45-2018 for context on this planning exercise.

Public Notice


Thank you!

Hope to see you August 1st 2018!

Update - July 3, 2018
Report PDS-45-2018 will be available here on July 4, 2018 after noon.
The Report can be accessed and/or downloaded with the following link:

Crystal Beach Secondary Plan Strategic Planning Session Results (PDS-45-2018)

The Report provides a comparative look at two separate Strategic Planning Sessions - one conducted with Senior Town staff and the other with the Council endorsed Community Focus Group. The strategic sessions act as a starting point for this land use exercise. 

A Public Information Open House will be conducted in near future (tentatively August 1, 2018) to talk with interested persons about the process and the goals the Plan intends to reach through policy and zoning changes currently in place for select areas of the Crystal Beach community.

Update - April 4, 2018

Thank you to all those who have submitted their Expression of Interest for volunteering to sit with the Crystal Beach Secondary Plan Community Focus Group. Staff will now prepare a report for Council to consider and select members in effort to select a representative cross section for staff to engage. All those who have submitted their names for consideration will be notified when the report is going to an upcoming Council-in-Committee meeting.

Update – March 15, 2018

With the Southend Secondary Plan now in the final stages of Region of Niagara review and approval, Town staff have received authorization to proceed with the Crystal Beach Secondary Plan. Staff report PDS-14-2018 received Council’s authorization at its February 20, 2018 Council-in-Committee meeting. A copy of the report can be downloaded with the link below.


The first step of this land use planning exercise is to establish a Community Focus Group of approximately 12 -15 members of the neighbourhood cross section.


A Request or Expressions of Interest (RFEOI) has been issued through the local newspaper and social media, seeking interested persons from categories outlined in the RFEOI Notice. A copy of the RFEOI can be downloaded and/or viewed using the link provided below. If you would like Council to consider your participation on the Community Focus Group, please submit your Expression of Interest, having regard to the outline provided. Deadline for submissions is March 31, 2018.


For awareness of the general public, there will be several Public Open House Meetings scheduled over the course of the Secondary Plan’s development. In addition, community organizations and associations will also have an opportunity to express their views as this exercise unfolds.


For the time being, Town staff is seeking to have the Community Focus Group structured and established by Council in the near-term.


All notices and key milestone documents will be posted on this webpage throughout the process. Town staff will follow Council’s notification policies with respect to notifying the public and property owners of upcoming meetings and details as they become necessary.


Viewing or Downloadable links (PDF):

PDS-14-2018   Authorization to Commence the Crystal Beach Secondary Plan

CFG RFEOI    Request for Expressions of Interest – Crystal Beach Secondary Plan Community Focus Group


Some Planning Background

Back in 2005, the Town completed a “Neighbourhood Plan” that served as a guide, but did not form part of the Town’s Official Plan. The Secondary Plan process will result in an Official Plan Amendment (OPA) prepared for Council consideration on adoption and/or approval. As part of the Official Plan, the Secondary Plan land use designations and related policies are strengthened. The Town will also be reviewing and recommending changes to Comprehensive Zoning By-law 129-90 that will act to implement any resulting changes of the Secondary Plan outcome.


With 13 years having passed since the Crystal Beach Neighbourhood Plan was prepared, there has been a number of changes to the municipal planning landscape with the Province and the Region of Niagara having considerable influence over the direction community growth should follow. Provincial Plans such as Places to Grow – Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe (2017), have cascading impact on regional and local policy. Any resulting Secondary Plan will need to conform to the legislation and policy regime of the upper tier governments with respect to land use. Town Planning staff will need to keep these parameters in mind as we work towards a successful Secondary Plan that respects the community, provides opportunity to current and future generations and maintains compliance/alignment with current legislation and upper-tier policy.


A copy of the 2005 Neighbourhood Plan is available at the following link and will be kept as a background/reference document for this Secondary Plan process.

View or download the Crystal Beach Neighbourhood Plan



We welcome your comments and suggestions at any time during this process.

Feel free to send your comments directly to:

Chris Millar, Senior Neighbourhood Planner and Urban Designer
1 Municipal Centre Dr., Fort Erie, ON L2A 2S6
(905) 871-1600 ext. 2504