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Contractor Safety Program



The Corporation of the Town of Fort Erie works to ensure that contractors comply with The Occupational Health and Safety Act and its applicable Regulations as well as Corporation policies, safe work standards and guidelines.


To accomplish this, the Contractor Safety SWS has four (4) stages to review contractor safety: 

  1. A pre-qualification process that includes submission of a Bidder’s Safety Checklist detailing the contractor’s health and safety program, training and record;
  2. Contractor Orientation and Pre-Commencement meetings to advise the contractor and contract employees of the Corporation’s Health and Safety policies, procedures and expectations, documented using the Pre-Start Checklist;
  3. Performance Monitoring including the contractor’s corrective discipline policy to ensure compliance; and
  4. Post Contract Performance Evaluation to determine if a contractor’s safety performance during the contract is adequate to qualify them for future work for the Corporation.


Document Links:

Contractor Safety - Projects  SWS (Safe Work Standards)


Bidder's Safety:

Health & Safety Policy


Sign off Sheet


All contractor employees must review and sign


Additional Safe Work Standards

Section 3 - Health and Safety Requirements Section 10 - Training and Orientation
03-005 Supervisory Competency 10-003 Task Analysis
Section 4 - Reporting and Investigation Section 11 - Communication
04-003 Hazard Reporting 04-001 Reporting and Investigation 2023
Section 5 - Personal Safety Section 12 - Vehicles
12-008 Ladders 2023 12-002 Distracted Driving
12-007 Elevating Work Platforms 2023 12-006 Reversing Vehicles
12-009 - Working at Heights SWS 2023