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Brownfields Improvement Plan

NRTEE defines "brownfields" as abandoned, idled or underutilized industrial or commercial properties where past actions have known or suspected environmental contamination, but where there is an active potential for redevelopment.

Bownfield Community Improvement Plan

On August 10/09, Council adopted the recommendations of Report CDS-053-09, thereby providing support in principle to the Brownfields Strategy provided below and authorizing staff to process a formal Brownfields Community Improvement Official Plan amendment to implement the strategy. A copy of Report CDS-053-09


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Notice of By-law 109-10 - Brownfields Community Improvement Plan

CDS-084-09 Brownfields Redevelopment Strategy, Community Improvement Plan (CIP) and Related Official Plan Amendment

Fort Erie Draft Brownfields CIP

Fort Erie Final Brownfield Strategy.

OP Amendment-CIP Policies

Brownfields Strategy

Report to Council CDS-053-09

Consultant August 10/09 Power Point presentation to Council showing the advantages to brownfields redevelopment by economic impact modelling.

Presentation to Council - August 10/09  Click Here

On August 10, 2009 Council will consider a staff report recommending Council to adopt the Brownfields Strategy (goals, leadership strategy and financial incentive programs) in principle and authorize the formal processing (amendment) of a Brownfields Community Improvement Plan for review and comment.

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Fort Erie Brownfields - Public Meeting July 27, 2009  Click Here

Consultant Power Point Presentation To Council, July 20, 2009- Draft Financial Incentive Program and Leadership Strategy   Click Here

Brownfields CIP- July 27, 2009, Public Input Session #2 Comment Sheet   Click Here
Please submit comments on the comment sheet or e-mails to Dave Heyworth, Senior Policy Planner ( by Friday, July 31, 2009

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2008 Consultation

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