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Zoning Information


This page contains zoning information for the Town of Fort Erie:

  •     Zoning maps (Zoning By-law No. 129-90 Schedule ‘A’)
  •     Zoning policy
  •     Zoning by-law amendment information

For general zoning inquiries, please contact Planning and Development Services at 905-871-1600 ext. 2521

Or visit our interactive zoning map: 

(click on the green layer button located at the bottom of the page Zoning/Official Plan information)

Town of Fort Erie Zoning Map

Alternatively, inquiries can be submitted by email via the zoning inquiry submission form at the bottom of this page.

Zoning Maps - Comprehensive Zoning By-Law No. 129-90 Schedule ‘A’

Schedule ‘A’ constitutes the complete set of zoning maps for the Town of Fort Erie. The Town is divided into a series of thirty-six maps. There are also seven additional maps that display the zoning of urban areas in greater detail (Maps D1-D7).

To view the zoning maps, click the link below to open the Schedule ‘A’ Index Map. Clicking a number on the Index Map will open the corresponding zoning map for that area.

Schedule ‘A’ Index Map


Click Here for Zoning Maps

Schedule ‘A’ maps last revised June 24, 2022.

Zoning Policy - Comprehensive Zoning By-law No. 129-90

Below is Zoning By-law No. 129-90, separated by section. Click a link below to open a section as a PDF document.

Section Title
01 Application and Interpretation
02 Administration and Enforcement
03 Zone Category List
04 Schedules to By-law
05 Definitions
06 General Provisions
07 A - Agricultural Zone
08 RU - Rural Zone
09 RR - Rural Residential Zone
10 R1 - Residential 1 Zone
11 R2 - Residential 2 Zone
12 R2A - Residential 2A Zone
12B R2B - Residential 2B Zone
13 R3 - Residential 3 Zone
14 RM1 - Residential Multiple 1 Zone
15 RM2 - Residential Multiple 2 Zone
16 WR - Waterfront Residential Zone
16A WRR - Waterfront Rural Residential Zone
17 ND - Neighbourhood Development Zone
18 General Provisions for Commercial Zones
18A ECU - Existing Commercial Use Zone
19 C1 - Local Commercial Zone
20 C2 - General Commercial Zone
20A UEC - Urban Entertainment Centre Zone
21 C2A - Central Business District Commercial Zone
22 C3 - Highway Commercial Zone
23 C4 - Automobile Service Station Zone
24 C5 - Recreational Commercial Zone
25 C6 - Shopping Centre Commercial Zone
26 C7 - Rural Commercial Zone
26A CMU1 - Core Mixed Use 1 Zone
26B CMU2 - Core Mixed Use 2 Zone
26C CMU3 - Core Mixed Use 3 Zone
26D CMU4 - Core Mixed Use 4 Zone
26E CMU5 - Core Mixed Use 5 Zone
26F CMU6 - Core Mixed Use 6 Zone
27 IN - Industrial Zone
28 PI - Prestige Industrial Zone
29 DI - Dry Industrial Zone
30 EI - Extractive Industrial Zone
31 I - Institutional Zone
32 P - Public Zone
33 OS - Open Space Zone
33A EOS - Existing Open Space Zone
34 H - Hazard Zone
35 DP - Dune Protection Zone
35A EP - Environmental Protection Zone
35B EC - Environmental Conservation Overlay Zone
36 (H) - Holding Zone
37 MS - Motorsports Speedway Zone
38 Approval
39 Schedule 'A' - Zoning Schedule (see top of page for Schedule 'A' maps)
40 Schedule 'B' - Road Allowance Requirements
41 Schedule 'C' - Minimum Distance Separation Formula
42 Schedule 'D' - Geometric Design Standards for Parking
43 Schedule 'E' - Regional Municipality of Niagara Policy Plan - Urban Area Boundary Map
44 Minister's Orders - Fort Erie Racetrack and Marcy's Woods

Zoning policy consolidation date June 2, 2022.

Zoning Compliance Letter:

Requesting a Zoning Compliance Letter from the Town.

There a two types of letters: a simple letter and a detailed letter.

A simple letter would confirm if the use conforms with the zoning, and a detailed letter would involve a more detailed review of the setbacks, lot coverage etc. We would require a detailed survey or site plan to complete a detailed review.

The costs associated with these letters are detailed below: 

Simple letter - $77.00 
Simple letter - accelerated service (1 to 2 days) - $154.00
Detailed letter - $208.00
Detailed letter - accelerated service (1 to 2 days) - $416.00

To request a Zoning Compliance Letter please contact the Zoning Technician, Planning and Development Services Department 905-871-1600 Ext. 2521.  

Zoning By-law Amendment Information

Below is the application form for zoning by-law/official plan amendments. Also available is a brochure that provides general information about the zoning amendment process and estimated costs.

Zoning By-law and/or Official Plan Amendment Application

For more information about applying for a zoning by-law or official plan amendment, please contact the Planning and Development Services department at 905-871-1600 ext. 2507.

Zoning Inquiry Submission Form

Have a question about the Town's Zoning By-law?  Please use the submission form below.